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Winter Hat Christmas Ornament

, Try It - Like It - Create it

These cute Winter Hat Ornaments are easy to make. They only take a few items that you probably already have at home and they are easy enough to make with children. Use one kind of yarn or a variety to create a striped hat. The options are really endless by using a variety of different yarns. This is a great craft to use up leftover project yarn.

, Try It - Like It - Create it


  • yarn
  • scissors
  • tissue
  • toilet paper roll


, Try It - Like It - Create it
Cut a 1/4 to 1/2 inch loop from the toilet paper roll. 

, Try It - Like It - Create it
Cut lengths of yarn about 10″ long. I wrap around my thumb and pinkie fingers and then cut on of the loops.

, Try It - Like It - Create it
Fold one piece of yarn in half. 
Place the loop through the tube. 

, Try It - Like It - Create it
Put the ends of the yarn through the loop. 

, Try It - Like It - Create it
Pull the ends tight. 

, Try It - Like It - Create it
Continue to do so until the tube is full of yarn. 

, Try It - Like It - Create it
Using one more strand of yarn, collect all the yarn ends and tie a double knot, very tightly. 

, Try It - Like It - Create it
Stuff a balled-up tissue into the hat to fill out the shape. 

, Try It - Like It - Create it
Trim the top “poof” of the hat and play with it to get the desired fullness. 



  • You can use different colors of yarn to create a striped pattern if you desire.
  • Different yarns will create a different look, acrylic versus wool, etc…
  • You can use another piece of yarn to hang your ornament or insert a wire hanger into the top of the hat.
  • Instead of an ornament, use the hat to top off a bottle of wine.
  • Decorate a present using the hat like you would a bow.

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