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Which Cricut Mat Do I Use?

Are you new to Cricut? Are you confused by which mat you should use with the material you are working with? Maybe you are just afraid to ask because you don’t want to feel silly. Don’t worry, we all were there at one point or another.

Figuring out which mat to use isn’t that difficult especially if you use the free printable I have created to help you out.

A few mat tips:

They all come with a protective cover sheet that you should keep and use to cover the mat when not in use. I actually write FRONT on the front on the plastic so it always gets put back on the mat the same way each time.

Why? to save the mat from being introduced to additional lint, dirt, and such.

When I remove the plastic sheet to use the mat, I turn the plastic sheet over so I don’t contaminate the side that touches the mat.

If you cut through your mat or crack your mat, use duct tape on the back and continue to use the mat.

Have a need for a 12″ x 24″ mat but don’t have one? You can tape two mats together on the back with duct tape and continue on with your project.

The mats:

Let’s talk about mats. There are four different variations and each one has a special job to do. You will notice that each one is a different color which helps to define its use.

Greenbasic standard grip
Bluelight grip
Purplestrong grip

Free printable:

PDF printable

The image above is the printable you can download for free and keep with your mats so you will always know which mat to use.

How to re-stick your mat:

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