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Top 5 Gift Ideas for Paper Crafters

If you aren’t into crafting, it can be difficult to buy a present for the paper crafter in your life. Trust me when I say, crafters like craft supplies. Here is a list of gift-giving ideas for that special someone. 

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  1. High-Quality Paper: A selection of premium papers in various textures, colors, and weights to inspire creativity. I know this can be a difficult task but CutCardStock has you covered. You can buy a variety pack of colors or a gift card. 

2.  Paper Cutter or Trimmer: A precision paper cutter or trimmer for clean, straight cuts. There is a lot of variety when it comes to paper trimmers. My favorite paper trimmer comes from Cricut. I like its compact size. I can easily store it on my desk on the side and grab it whenever I need to trim paper. 

3. Die Cutting Machine: A die-cutting machine like a Cricut or Silhouette for precise cutting and embossing of paper and other materials. This can be a big dollar item. If you crafter likes technology and can handle a small learning curve, these are great machines. Over the years I have had a variety of different Cricut machines and I have loved each one. Right now I think the best machine for the money would be the Cricut Joy Xtra.

4. Craft Scissors: A set of sharp, precision craft scissors for intricate cutting. Trust me, crafters can never have enough scissors. It is probably the one tool we misplace the most, and the one that gets “borrowed” by family members. (which can irk us!) I love these non-stick scissors and they are real game changers.

5. Gift Cards: Gift cards to their favorite craft supply store. If you are stumped on what to buy, a gift card is always appreciated. If your crafter visits a local craft store often, then that is the place to buy a gift card. Or consider one of the big box stores, we can always find something we “need”.




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