Weaving Nautical Decor

Making a nautical themed decor with Gwen Studios and Designer Crafts Connections. #sponsored @DesignerCraftsConnection @beaconcreatesbybeaconadhesives

With Ribbon from Gwen Studios

I am making a Woven Nautical Wall Decor piece working with ribbon from Gwen Studios. The stripped ribbons in blue, red, and white when placed and woven remind me of nautical flags. The process of weaving can be applied to any size frame you would like to use. Alternately, you could build a frame from 1 x 1s for any size needed. If you chose to weave different patterns or arrange the ribbon differently, your results would be decor pieces that coordinate together but are different. Follow along and learn how to make your own nautical wall decor.

I would first like to thank Designer Crafts Connection for the opportunity to work with amazing companies and designers. And specifically for this post, I would like to thank Gwen Studios for providing me with an amazing box of materials to work with.

If you would like to see all the materials Gwen Studios sent, you can view the following YouTube unboxing video.



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  1. Cover the frame with white felt using hot glue to adhere it to the back of the frame.
  2. On the back of the frame, glue each ribbon end to one edge of the frame. Be sure to align the first ribbon as close to the edge of the frame as possible. (see the video tutorial below for details.)
  3. Travel the ribbon to the opposite side of the frame, glue and trim the ribbon.
  4. Continue the pattern until the entire frame is covered.

5. Begin weaving each ribbon through the ribbons on the frame as pictured above. You can change the order of the
ribbons or follow the pattern you used adhering the ribbon to the frame, as I have done.
6. Glue the ends to the back of the frame.
7. Pulling the ribbon taut, trim, and glue them to the opposite side of the back of the frame.
(see the video below for details)

8. Continue the weaving process until the frame is full.

back materials

There are a few different ways to finish off your piece. I am using adhesive felt on the back and wrapping ribbon around the outer edge of the frame. As an alternative hanging piece, you can use a soda can tab.

The above image shows the finished piece from the back.

Here is the finished piece close up so you can see the side edge.

Video Tutorial: