Best Videos from 2022

My most popular YouTube videos from 2022.

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Just like my 2022 post review, I also check to see what videos created in 2022 were the most popular. That review told me it was the year of the YouTube shorts. Shorts were new this year and I created a series of crafting tips in short form. These were the most viewed so I guess more crafting tips shorts are in store for 2023.

Here are the top five popular YouTube videos from 2022:

  1. Using Colored Pencils

2. How to Sharpen Your Scissors

3. Make a Perfectly Round Glitter Embellishment

4. How to Change a Cricut Blade

5. Double-sided Tape Tip

Top 5 YouTube Tutorials

Check out my top five youtube craft tutorial videos from 2020.

From 2020

It is always entertaining and educational to see what is most viewed in a year of crafting tutorials. YouTube videos have become a regular part of my craft tutorial posts. If I were to make a list of my favorite things, they would include many of the things you will find in the following videos. The list would definitely include the Dollar Tree, Cricut, Polymer Clay, and paper crafting. Below you will find the top five YouTube craft tutorial videos that I created in 2020.