Square Resin Earrings

Learn how quick and easy it is to make resin earrings with You-V jewelry gel resin.

with You-V Resin

finished earrings

These resin earrings are rather quick and very easy to make. I used You-V resin because of its quick drying time and safety features. Using a mold and a few inclusions and I have a new pair of earrings that work with a variety of different outfits.

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I used blue jewelry gel resin from You-V, an earring mold, a UV flashlight, and some glitter inclusions.

resin in mold

The resin and inclusions are in the mold. Blue jewelry gel resin is transparent and very light in color. In this image, you can see the randomness and similarities of the inclusions.

uv light

All the curing steps were done with a UV flashlight. The gel can be cured with a UV nail lamp as well. Because the resin cures quickly, it was easy to hold a flashlight for the time needed. A UV nail light will also work.

jewelry parts

Once the resin pieces were taken out of the mold and cleaned up, they were ready for the jewelry findings. I actually needed 2 more small jump rings that aren’t seen in this photo.

To see all the process steps and tips watch the complete video tutorial below.

Video Tutorial:

You-V logo

Not all UV resin works the same way. You-V is rather special in that it cures quickly (30 seconds to a minute) and is SGS certified with solvent-free composition. Under regular handling, it has a low risk of skin irritation making it safe to use without protection as well as safe for kids to use.

Quick Resin Earrings

Learn how to make quick resin earrings.

finished earrings

These resin earrings almost glow. They were so quick to make. To do so you need the right products and those would be from You-v. They have resin that is non-toxic and cures in less than a minute. I was recently introduced to You-v. and I can tell it is going to change how and when I use resin.

These earrings glow in the light making them hard to photograph and get them in focus. You will have to take my word for it. They are stunning in person.

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You-v. products


  • resin mold
  • jewelry resin
  • UV flashlight
  • transfer film
  • penknife
  • cardstock
  • black permanent marker
  • jewelry findings
  • adhesive

Video Tutorial:

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Tres Jolie Monthly Kit :: Necklace

Working with a kit from Tres Jolie, I made a chipboard gear necklace. I am a guest designer for the month of June. #sponsored

This month I am a guest designer at Tres Jolie Kits. I was sent the Cards, Tags, and More kit. The kit included chipboard gears. I used those to create this chipboard gear necklace.

I used a variety of metallic paints on the gears. To begin I painted one in brown/bronze and the other in silver.

The necklace would be fine in brown and silver but I tend to like a bit more color so I used a blotting technique on the silver painted gear. I also painted the backs of the gears so they would look finished.

After gluing the dried gear pieces together, I added a thin layer of UV Resin. The resin adds a finished glossy look to the piece as well as adding stability.

Wrapping craft wire around the end of my paintbrush made for a bail for the back of the gears.

I Super Glued the bail to the back of the gear pieces that were glued together. In the above photo you can see that back of the piece is painted.

All that is left to do is thread the cord and ribbon necklace through the bail. I toyed with the idea of making this into a pin or a necklace. Obviously I chose the necklace. Which do you think you would choose?

Resin Earrings with ScraPerfect Embellies

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As a part of the ScraPerfect Design Team, I post on their blog twice a month. I am usually posting about working with paper and there phenomenal Best Glue Ever. However, today’s post I am making UV Resin earrings using ScraPerfect Embellies. Check out the post here: [resin earrings]

Polymer Clay and UV Resin Earrings

I am really excited about the results I am achieving with this technique. I think I have only just scratched the surface of the possibilities. I really like how the paint (DecoArt Interference)¬†changes from white to colors when applied to a dark surface. The UV Resin really enhances the colors and gives emphasis to the dimension. I’ve only made earrings so far but I look forward to making pendants and more. The colors are so pretty and work together well.


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Using black polymer clay, stamp the surface, cut your shapes and bake to the manufacturer’s instructions.

video tutorial
close-up of polymer clay with paint
close-up with resin
finished earrings