Making a Card from Scraps

Make greeting cards using up your scraps can be an enjoyable creative process.

¬†Making a card doesn’t have to be difficult. Using up your scrap pieces can be an enjoyable creative process and useful too. I keep my little scraps in a basket on the side of my craft table and then put color coordinating pieces together.¬†¬†When there are enough of them, I start to make cards with them.


 I used cardstock and Rinea Foil but any paper will work. I didn’t cut down or adjust the pieces. I find it a fun creative process to work around these constraints and find a pleasing composition. 

¬†I color my own gem stickers to coordinate with the design. This tip is a great cost-saving. I didn’t add a sentiment to the card. This makes the design flexible for a variety of different uses and I can personalize it when it’s needed.¬†

If you would like to see how I created the foiled embellishment: 

Video Tutorial:

  A close-up view. The card is a bit difficult to photograph but is beautiful in person.