TCW Mystery Box

Mystery Stencil Box from TCW. @TheCraftersWorkshop

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I bought a mystery box of stencils from TCW. It was so surprising to see the contents and how much was included. The mystery box contained 30 stencils, 10 each in 4″x4″; 6″x6″; and 12″x12″. When I bought the mystery box it was on sale for around $29 plus shipping.

So let’s take a look and see if it was worth it.

From what I can tell from the TCW website, 6″x6″ stencils sell for $6.99; and 12″x12″ stencils sell for $8.99. Added together and if I bought each of those stencils at full price, I would have paid $159.80 that doesn’t include the 4″x4″ stencils because I couldn’t find a price for them.

30 Assorted Stencils

20 6×6 Stencils

20 12×12 Stencils×12-stencils

the shop will be closed from Dec 23rd – January 2nd