Making Silver and Gold Earrings

Make a pair of silver and gold earrings using materials from The Maker’s Movement. #sponsored @jointhemakersmovement

with The Makers Movement

I really enjoy making earrings. Some of the easiest earrings to make use a die to cut the shape. The silver and gold earrings above are made using a die and other materials from The Maker’s Movement. I like the combination of silver and gold especially when you can’t decide which color of metal works with your outfit the best. Or if you are going to wear different metals for other jewelry pieces, these earrings can pull it all together.

A special thanks to The Maker’s Movement for providing materials to use in this post.

earring parts


  • Faux leather – silver and gold
  • Earring wires in silver
  • jump rings in silver
  • two jewelry pliers
  • Mini Maker die cutting machine
  • Mandorla dies

Video Tutorial: