DIY a Ribbon Keychain

Follow the instruction to make your own ribbon keychain. Made with ribbons from Gwen Studios.

with Gwen Studios

finished keyring

This keyring craft was a reminder of times past. Did you attend summer camp and make lanyards? Well, this keychain is a version of that, made with ribbon. What a fun craft for kids to do. Why not make one for Mother’s Day? Make one yourself or teach your kids to weave a lanyard.


They’re very few needed materials. You’ll need a keyring, four colors of ribbon, and a pair of scissors. I chose to seal the ends of my ribbons with a lighter. If you choose to do this with kids, I recommend supervising them or doing the lighter for them.

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ribbon pack

For spring, I chose to work with pastels from the Gwen Studios grosgrain ribbon pack. These ribbons are available at Walmart and Look at how beautiful those colorful ribbons are. There are so many color combinations to choose from for this project.

woven ribbon

This little nugget of weaving was made with four ribbons each 32″ in length. If you want your piece to be bigger, use longer ribbons.

Video Tutorial:

top of weaving

I chose to wind the keyring through this end of the weaving. If you don’t want ribbon tails, you could turn the whole thing around and loop those tails around the keyring and finish it off in the same manner that I collected the ribbon tails – what a fun alternative!