DIY a Ribbon Keychain

Follow the instruction to make your own ribbon keychain. Made with ribbons from Gwen Studios.

Mini Rainbow Banner

Making a mini ribbon rainbow banner with Gwen Studios.

Weave a Ribbon Greeting Card

Make a woven ribbon greeting card with this SVG file. #affiliate #SVG

Weaving Nautical Decor

Making a nautical themed decor with Gwen Studios and Designer Crafts Connections. #sponsored @DesignerCraftsConnection @beaconcreatesbybeaconadhesives

How to Make Ribbon Flowers

These Ribbon Flowers are very versatile. You could use them as craft embellishments or how about for clips in girl’s hair? I found them to be very comforting and peaceful to make, maybe even more therapeutic for me than for their final use.  This post and photos contain affiliate links. If you purchase something through… Continue reading How to Make Ribbon Flowers