Making a Resin Charm Necklace

Learn how easy it is to make a resin charm necklace. #beebeecraft #craspire #youv #temu


I crafted this uv resin charm necklace using a collage piece of paper from my stash. I love being able to use created papers in jewelry making.

If you are interested in learning how to make the collage book pages, the tutorial is in the first part of this YouTube Video:

I used YouV jewelry resin in clear. This resin is toxic-free and cures in seconds to a minute making it very easy to work with.


  • resin mold (Craspire)
  • YouV jewelry resin
  • YouV resin light
  • DIY craft paper
  • glitter
  • soda can
  • scissors
  • jewelry wire – 20 gauge silver
  • jewelry pliers – needle nose and flat
  • purple bead (BeebeeCraft)
  • black necklace cord (Temu)

YouTube Tutorials:

Resin Charm:

Necklace Tutorial:

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YouV Resin

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