Glass Etch a Popcorn Seasoning Bottle

Etch a popcorn seasoning bottle with Etchall Creme and grab the free svg and recipe. #affiliate @etchallcreme

with Etchall

etched bottle

I can’t believe how well etchall etches the smallest details. I am making a shaker jar for popcorn seasoning and I etched the wording onto the glass. The word popcorn has the first “o” replaced with a piece of popcorn that has the smallest outline and it etched perfectly!

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cricut joy

When cutting smaller pieces of vinyl, I like to use my Cricut Joy. It can sit right on my craft table. While the vinyl is cutting, clean the glass jar with rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt or grease.

If you would like to use the SVG I created, it is available for free in the store [popcorn seasoning]

transfer tape

After weeding away the type, I applied transfer tape and burnished it down well with my thumb. Be extra careful of all the small pieces. The full size of the image is only 2″ across so those letter centers and the dot on the i are very small.

ready to etch

The jar is ready to etch. I like using inexpensive paint brushes to apply the etchall creme. I apply the creme and set a timer for 15 minutes. That’s all it takes to etch the glass.

remove vinyl

After the 15 minutes pass, I remove the etchall creme and return it to its container because it is reusable. For small projects like this, I just clean off any remaining creme with a baby wipe. In the image above I am removing the vinyl. After all the vinyl is removed and discarded, I once again clean the etching with a baby wipe and then follow up with rubbing alcohol. I find burnishing the etched image with a dry cloth really enhances the image.

The popcorn seasoning is a homemade mixture, it’s sweet n salty. The ingredient measurements below are perfect for filling this bottle.


  • 2 Tbsp of sugar
  • 2 Tbsp of brown sugar
  • 1/2 Tbsp salt

Mix it well and place it into the bottle.

with popcorn

After making microwave air-popped popcorn, I pour a bit of melted butter and finish off with the popcorn seasoning.

This would make such a cute and easy gift. Combine the seasoning jar with some Amish popcorn kernels and a cute bowl. I bet anyone would appreciate this delicious gift.