Diamond Painting Chart

Grab this free diamond drill color chart. What a great reference. #free #printable #diamondpainting

diamond painting

Have you ever wondered about the color chart used for diamond painting? The colors assigned to the drills are referred to as DMC. You might be familiar with DMC in relation to embroidery thread. It is the same color chart.

DMC (Dollfus-Mieg and Company) is a French textile company created in 1746. There are 447 different DMC numbers, meaning that there are 447 differently colored diamonds available to use when diamond painting. Any leftover drills can be combined with others from different projects if the numbers are the same.

color chart

The DMC chart makes a great resource for diamond painting, as well as needlework. You can grab this free download printable in PDF form here. [DMC chart]

Free Summer Printable

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