Folding a Paper Ball

Learn how to fold an origami paper ball.

origami paper balls

Learn how to fold origami paper balls. Not only is it satisfying, but they also make great decor pieces. These are made from two different colors of paper. Try using all one color or four different colors. Origami balls can also be made from ribbon, but I recommend learning how with paper first.

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paper from Ikea


The paper I used was purchased at Ikea. You want colored paper that is solid and not as heavy as card stock but a bit more than copy paper.

True origami doesn’t use tape or scissors. For this project, the tape makes it easier to fold and isn’t used to hold the final piece together.


Origami is usually credited to the Japanese originating about a thousand years ago. The art of recreational folding was probably begun with other materials like fabric or leather. The history could also be credited to the Chinese. There are no definite historical facts to be sure of either origination.

Video Instructions: