Folding a Paper Ball

Learn how to fold an origami paper ball.

origami paper balls

Learn how to fold origami paper balls. Not only is it satisfying, but they also make great decor pieces. These are made from two different colors of paper. Try using all one color or four different colors. Origami balls can also be made from ribbon, but I recommend learning how with paper first.

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paper from Ikea


The paper I used was purchased at Ikea. You want colored paper that is solid and not as heavy as card stock but a bit more than copy paper.

True origami doesn’t use tape or scissors. For this project, the tape makes it easier to fold and isn’t used to hold the final piece together.


Origami is usually credited to the Japanese originating about a thousand years ago. The art of recreational folding was probably begun with other materials like fabric or leather. The history could also be credited to the Chinese. There are no definite historical facts to be sure of either origination.

Video Instructions:

Origami Ornament

Make a Christmas ornament using origami paper.

with Yasutomo Origami Papers

There are many creative ways to make ornaments. You can use paint, alcohol ink, or fabric. Why not use origami paper? I cut mine into squares but tearing the paper would also make a beautiful ornament. I am working with papers from Yatsutomo. The ornament is plastic but this technique will also work on glass.

Many of the items I use in posts are provided by the manufacturers to promote their products.
A special thanks to those brands who sponsor this site. Some links are affiliates, thank you for using them.



  • plastic ornament
  • mod podge
  • Origami paper
  • paper trimmer
  • scissor
  • ribbon
  • foam paintbrush
  • Scotch tacky glue
ribbon on ornament

The iridescent paper didn’t want to stay put. I found overlapping it with the other patterned papers helped to hold it in place. After covering the ornament with origami paper, I used a color-coordinating ribbon to finish off the look.

Video Tutorial:

Suggested Materials:

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Peanuts Origami Book Review and Giveaway

Enter to win a copy of the new Peanuts Origami book.

book cover

Are you a fan of Peanuts or origami? If you are a fan of one or both you will love this new book with Peanuts origami projects. Included in the pages are direction on folding, cartoons, trivia, and information on the characters. So even when you are done folding the origami, there is still rich content to view and revisit.

There is a detailed how-to fold basics section in the front of the book.

Each design has two printed pages to fold. There is a star on the designed pages so that you can always orient your project to the steps in the book. Each project is labeled with its difficulty level, you can start simply and build up to the different levels.

The video below shows a quick run-through of some of the different folding projects included in the book.

by Charles Schulz
Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-5248-5118-7
Price: $19.99 ($26.99 Canada) Available on Amazon
Paperback: 8.5 x 8 inches,
240 pages

Enter to Win

The winner will be chosen by random and the prize will be provided by the publisher.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Tulip Flower Origami

How to fold an Origami Tulip Flower.

Crusty Crunchy Spicy offers a tutorial for this origami tulip flower. Great for spring, mother’s day or brightening one’s day. Learn how to make your own here. [link]

The original link that promoted this post is no longer active. Since this is one of my most popular posts, I didn’t want to leave everyone hanging so I created a tutorial video. I hope it is helpful. 

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How to Make Origami Boxes for Ornaments and Gifts

Making origami boxes that work for ornaments and gift wrapping. Learn how to make your own.

I enjoy Origami and when I saw this box form, I thought, “this would make a great ornament.” As I was making them, I then realized they could also double as wrapping for a gift because they can be opened up. What an excellent idea to hang little gifts on the tree or make a lot of them for an Advent!


  • scissors
  • decorative paper
  • ruler

This post is a part of the Creative Craft Bloggers Group monthly craft challenge. For the month of December, we were challenged to make ornaments. At the bottom of this post, you can see all the entries and links to their tutorials. 


six sheets
You will need six squares of paper. I used 6″x6″.

1st fold
Using one piece, fold it in half and then open it back up.

2nd fold
Fold each side into the centerfold.

both folds
Both folded.

flip it over
Turn the paper over.

Diagram 1, fold C to F

Diagram 1, fold B to E

Diagram 2, fold D to E.

Diagram 2, fold A to F.

Make six.
See the following video for an example of the folding and then how the pieces fit together.

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