Swatching a New Watercolor Set

Learn how to swatch a watercolor set.

I love getting new craft materials. I purchased a new watercolor set on Amazon because my daughter has been powering through my supply of watercolor paints. Before diving into painting, I swatch the colors. It doesn’t matter if the material is watercolor, markers, or such, I always swatch the colors and you should too.

I swatch them in the order they appear in the packaging. It might also be nice to swatch them in blending relationships or color family relationships if they aren’t packaged well together.

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Why should you swatch? Often colors won’t appear the same in a solid form. Even if you are provided a printed color chart, it might not relate to how you use the colors. This is often seen in the cap colors of markers. Many artists talk about how the cap colors don’t appear similar to the swatched colors.

I keep the swatch sample with the color materials and often refer to it before choosing a color.

Did you find this helpful. Let me know what materials you swatch before usage.