DIY a Decorative Pumpkin

Make your own decorative pumpkin for the season.

final pumpkin

It’s the season, whether it is Halloween or Fall, this DIY Decorative Pumpkin works. I started with a plan to add flowers and a bow at the top, but after finishing the pumpkin, it was grand enough on its own. Nothing more is needed.


I found the pumpkin and napkins at Hobby Lobby. To apply the napkin, I made a mixture of white glue and water that got applied with a foam brush. Before applying the napkin, separate the layers and tear it into pieces.

Video Tutorial:

DIY Easter Bunny Decor

This Easter Bunny Decor is a Dollar Tree craft project.

final bunny

This project turned out better than I envisioned. The Easter Bunny Decor is made from a foam shape, napkins, and ribbons that I purchased at the Dollar Tree. It was a fun decoupage process. My youngest daughter loves bunnies and claimed this as her own.



  • foam shape
  • napkins
  • modpodge
  • foam brush
  • ribbons
  • fabri-tac

All these materials can be found at the Dollar Tree except for the Fabri-tac glue.

Video Tutorial:

back view of bunny

Above is the back view of the bunny. Pink flowers on the napkin are so bright and perfect for spring. The green leaves were added over the first layer of napkins. This added activity and visual direction to the final piece. In total, it took two napkins to cover the bunny because I needed to grab a few more green leaves.

Making a Napkin Wrapped Candle

Make a festive holiday decor with a napkin wrapped candle.

wrapped candle

When I saw this napkin at the Dollar Tree, I knew I wanted to use it with some kind of candle craft. I love this technique for making a festive candle for your Christmas decor. But, depending on the design of your napkin, you can do this any time of the year or for any season.

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  • parchment paper
  • napkin
  • candle
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • heat gun

Most of the items I used were found at the Dollar Tree making this a very affordable and economical craft. The only item not shown in the photo above is the heat gun.

Video Tutorial:

Here is a close-up of the finished candle. You can see how the melted wax has integrated the napkin with the candle.

  • while this project was made for decorative purposes, if you choose to light the candle, do not leave it unattended.

Making a Notepad Cover with a Napkin

Learn how to use a napkin to cover a notepad.

This colorful notepad is covered with a napkin. Learn how to easily use a napkin and Xyron to make a cover. Covered notepads make a quick and easy gift. Make a few of them to have on hand. These bright colors will give a special someone a lift.


  • notepad
  • napkin
  • Xyron
  • scissors
  • cardstock
  • ribbon
  • adhesive

Video Instruction: