DIY Nail File Folio

with Gwen Studios

nail file folio

Using nail files from the Dollar Tree to measure the necessary length of Gwen Studio ribbon, I sewed them together to make a nail file folio. This is a great way to protect items in your handbag from rough nail files. These folios also make great gifts.


This project was created for Gwen Studios. You can find all the design team projects listed on the Designer Crafts Connection website. Gwen Studios products can be found at Walmart and Michaels.


Sewing the ribbons together side by side, do not overlap. To do so you will need a stitch that covers enough area to hold the ribbons together. Use a bit of washi tape to place the ribbons together at the top and then begin stitching just below the tape.

scissors, folio, file

After joining the two ribbons together, fold them in half and sew a straight stitch along each side to form a pocket.


Cut the folded ribbon along the top edge just shy of the length of the nail file. Then use a lighter to finish off the ends of the ribbon folio.

Video Tutorial: