Embossing with Color

Check out this art crayon embossing techniques. @MarabuAmerica @jointhemakersmovement #sponsored

Using Marabu Art Crayons

I had so much fun with this color embossing technique, using Marabu Art Crayons and embossing plates. I love how the color moves when water is added. The results are playful and colorful and can be used so many different ways. I think the results would be great for card backgrounds, die-cutting, mixed media, collage, scrapbooking, and more.

Thank you to Marabu and Maker’s Movement for providing materials that were used in this post.



  • embossing plates
  • CrossOver II
  • Marabu Art Crayons
  • card stock
  • water

Video Tutorial:

Suggested Materials:

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Crossover II
Crossover II
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Marabu Art Crayons
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Art Crayon Mixing with Marabu

See how Marabu art crayons mix and work on different paper surfaces.

To start working with Art Crayons by Marabu, I wanted to test them out on different paper surfaces. I’ve not used Art Crayons before and I was excited when Marabu sent them to me. Within the first stroke, I was drawn to the creamy feel, so rich! I think you will love them too. Watch the video below to see how I tested the crayons and how they reacted to different surfaces.

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Video Exploration:

Mixing Examples: