DIY Kitchen Trivet

Learn how to make a kitchen trivet. #kitchencraft #crafttutorial

finished trivet

If you have looked into buying a trivet, they can be expensive. A trivet is something you probably need, but don’t necessarily want to spend a lot of money on. Consider making your own with this simple technique and easy-to-find materials. You can alter the size and make a coaster or enlarge it and make a placemat. 


  • Clothesline (cotton)
  • Cotton yarn (Peaches n Cream)
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors


This technique isn’t crochet or knitting but rather a wrapping and stitching technique. Start with the Cotton yarn and pull out a length you are comfortable working with, 1-2 yards in length. Thread one end of the yarn through the needle. 

Take the clothesline end and roll it onto itself to make a circle. 

beginning circle

Wrap the end of the Cotton yarn around the clothesline circle – similar to winding a ball of yarn. 

Once the circle is covered, wrap the Cotton yarn around the length of the clothesline.

 stitching together

I wrapped it 10 times around and then took a stitch into the circle.
Then I wrapped another 10 times around the clothesline and took a stitch into the row before.
Continue to wrap and stitch around the outside of the circle.
** Continue this technique to finish. 

changing yarns

**Add a new Cotton yarn as needed, covering the ends of each piece of yarn with the wrapping

Using all cotton material is the safest option when using the finished piece with pots and pans that will be hot.



There’s an almost unending variety that can be achieved with this concept. Just be sure to set your parameters before you begin so that your work is consistent. 

  • change the color of the yarn 
  • change your stitching pattern (like 3 sewn stitches instead of 1)
  • stitch down two rows of the wrapped lines instead of one
  • dye the work after you are finished
  • dye the clothesline

This post was a part of the #CCBG Creatively Crafty Blog Group’s September Craft Challenge where the theme was Kitchen Craft. This is a repost of the original post.

Make Your Own Ball Tool

You can make your own ball tool with items you probably have on hand.

ball tool

Craft tools can be expensive. When you can make your own, save money, and they work just as well – why not do it? This ball tool is just that and you can make it from items you have around the house.

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Video Tutorial:

Here is the flower I made using the DIY Ball Tool.

If you would like the free SVG file I used to make this flower you can find it in the store: [wreath card]

Make Your Own Foiled Embellishments

Did you know you can make your own foiled embellishment dots?

with ScraPerfect

You might already know that the Best Glue Ever makes great dots of glue. Did you know you can use them to make them into foiled embellishments? It takes only one step and you have a variety of different colored foiled dots at the ready.

You can make a variety of different size dots. I made mine on recycled packaging but any non-stick surface will work. Let them dry overnight or until they appear clear.

Those same dots from above are now dry and can be used with foil. You can foil them ahead of time or as you use them.

the Best Glue Ever               ScraPerfect’s No-Clog Writing Cap™

transfer foils

ScraPerfect has great sets of transfer foils but any foil will work. If you keep your used scraps of foil this is a great way to use up those leftovers.

Video Tutorial:

A close-up of the dots shows the 3D quality of the foiled dots. Now you can make your own and coordinate the colors you need for crafting.

How to Make Double-sided Paper

Learn the tips and tricks to making double-sided scrapbooking paper.

for Scrapbooking, Cardmaking, and Crafting

Double-sided paper packs are hard to locate. They are a preferred favorite of mine for paper crafting. I have begun making my own. I know you can glue two pieces of just about anything together, but getting the correct thickness is key for many applications. The secret I have learned that works best is to use wrapping paper.


  • Single-sided Scrapbook paper
  • thin wrapping paper
  • spray adhesive
  • spray booth
  • scissors

The materials are simple and the process is easy. Spray the backs of each paper and then put them together before the adhesive has totally dried. Spray adhesive works best. Other kinds of adhesive will add bumps and bulk to the paper.

Video Tutorial:

Making a Party Hat with Cut Cardstock

Make a fun party hat for your celebration. @cutcardstock @cricutmade #sponsored

As a part of the Cut Cardstock design team, I have a post on their blog today making a star party hat. This hat file is very flexible. You can make it with the stars, or without. You can leave the star shapes open or layer tissue paper on the inside to color the stars.

Thanks to Cricut and Cut Cardstock for providing materials that were used in this post.

The card stock I used (affiliate links):

Cricut Maker
  • Cutting 100# card stock on the Maker, I found it best to cut it twice at the 100# card stock setting and selecting more pressure.
SVG image

The free SVG file pictured above is available by clicking on the black download button.

Suggested Materials:

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DIY Garden Wind Harp

DIY your own garden wind harp.

These wind harps are made from plastic bottles. The link shows how they sound with suggestions on how to cut them. The image is from Pinterest. The artist used gallery glass and swirled it around inside similar to the popular Christmas ornaments. [link]