DIY Printable Booklet

A one page printable to make a mini booklet. Just add your own embellishments.

mini booklets

These mini booklets are all made from the same printable with additional ephemera. You can print, fold, and glue your own mini booklet and then decorate. They are great additions to your junk journal, scrapbook, card-making, paper crafting, or gift-giving. Personalize them for your own use.


The images used are a beautiful collection of blues and coordinate well. The images can also be printed and cut out to use without making the booklet making this printable very flexible.


First print out the booklet. There are two included on one 8.5″ x 11″ page. Follow the folding instruction sheet included. Then add your details.

The one-page printable is available in the store [mini booklet]

Video Tutorial:

Japanese Free Printable

Grab this free printable to try with your junk journaling, mixed media, and crafting.

japanese image
I have been working on a few new sets of digital prints to use for junk journaling, mixed media, and crafting. I wanted to give you a free file to try before you spend any money on the other sets that are available in the shop. Download the file, print it out, and see how it works for you. I’d love to see and hear about your experience. The file has two pages. The first page is the collaged image above, the second page is a solid red and white Japanese wave pattern to print on the reverse side of the collage.

The Japanese symbol on the left is Love. You might also recognize, koi fish, bamboo, Japanese kimono fabric, Mt. Fujiyama, and cherry tree blossoms.

You can access the free download in the shop here [Japanese free printable]

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