My Cricut Joy is Here!

My Cricut Joy is finally here! It was a little hectic awaiting its arrival. I had a notice that it arrived about a week ago, but I didn’t have the packages. There were supposed to be three of them. I work with Cricut and have blog posts due using the Cricut Joy. I contacted FedEx and Cricut. The only news I got was that they were left at the front door. I know it is possible to have packages stolen. This was during the start of the Corona Virus lockdown and so not that many people were out. Our neighborhood isn’t that busy on a normal day. And finally, we have a half walled porch across the front of our house so no packages that are left, are visible from the street. So, where are my packages? Come to find out, my neighbor had them. She left a phone message for us that got overlooked and she hadn’t tried calling us again or bring the packages over. I am not sure why they got delivered to her house instead of ours. We were home and didn’t miss a knock or doorbell ring. So after a stress-filled week wondering where my Cricut Joy went, I FINALLY got the boxes.

unboxing finally!