How To DIY A Marker Storage Box

Make your own marker storage container.

I recently bought sets of Spectrum Noir markers at Tuesday Morning. I posted about that purchase and created a color chart you can download. The chart also includes the relationship to the new color system. You can download it here [color chart]. I really wanted to get the markers out of their boxes and visible so I can easily use them. I decided to make my own storage container. I’d actually seen something online that I wanted to duplicate, but it didn’t work so here is what I did instead. 

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I found a black photo storage box at Michaels and it was on sale.
I originally hoped the top would fit after the markers were put inside but the markers are too tall.

I visually measured the size of the ceiling grid I needed to fit inside the box.
I marked the grid with a marker and then cut two pieces the same size using wire cutters.
*Use caution when cutting because small pieces of the plastic grid do tend to fly away. I wore glasses as eye protection while I was cutting.
I originally thought these two pieces would be for the top and the bottom of the box.

But that didn’t work because the marker middles were too wide for the grid. (the lids fit)
So, I just layered the two grid pieces in the bottom of the box and started putting the markers into place.

They fit great and I have room to add more to the box.
You can see at the top of the photo the color chart also fits inside the box, keeping everything together.

Here is my finished storage box on my desk. I used the top of the box under the pen box, placing the pen box on the back edge so they are displayed at an angle.
There was a bit of room in the front of the lid so I placed my roll of tape and some bottles in the space for storage.

Nothing is glued down but I may attach the box to the lid more permanently in the future if I need too.

Right now, that open space on the left of the box actually holds a package of wet wipes really well so I have filled the space until I have more markers to store.