How to Make a Leather Flower

How to make a leather magnolia flower with leather from Silver Creek Leather Co.

with Silver Creek Leather Co.

leather magnolia

At a recent trade show, I took a class to learn how to make a leather flower. The class was sponsored by Silver Creek Leather Co. and taught by Annie Libertini. The magnolia flower above was the class project. I had to leave the class early for another event so I brought everything home and finished the flower.

Silver Creek Leather Co. sells leather under the brand name Real Leather. You can find it in your local craft stores and online at Amazon.

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The image above shows the parts I brought home from the class. We marked the leather in class and started to form the shapes. You can use a variety of different items to shape leather. In class, we used a ping-pong ball for the smallest petals, although mine flattened out during travel home. The leather shapes were already cut and provided for us. Leather can easily be cut by hand with a sturdy scissor or with a die-cut machine.


  • spray bottle with water
  • marking tool
  • cut leather pieces
  • paint
  • paintbrush
  • hot glue and glue gun
  • mica spray (optional)
ready to paint

A close-up of the petals shows the drawn lines on the leather before painting. It was suggested to use two light coats of paint front and back of each piece. We were given paint specifically for leatherwork however any acrylic paint will work.

ready to glue

I sprayed the white petals with DIY Mica Spray for a light covering of shine, it is really subtle and not necessary but I wanted to add it to mine. After drying, the pieces are ready to be glued together. I have seen other leather flowers that were sewn together with a few stitches, so it is your choice how to join the pieces together.

Video Tutorial:

close-up of flower
close-up of leather flower

I am so please with what I learned and the outcome of this project. I feel like I have just started to experiment with leather as a medium and I am looking forward to more leather creations.

leather flowers

These flowers made by Annie Libertini were shown in class as additional examples. I believe there will be leather flower kits available soon created by Annie Libertini for Silver Creek Leather so keep on the lookout for them.