How to Foil Chipboard

Learn how to apply foil to chipboard for a colorful result.

final card front

What a fun way to upscale chipboard using foil. This chipboard was purchased at the Dollar Tree but any chipboard pieces will work. There are different ways to get texture with the foil based on how you apply the transfer gel. After foiling, I used the chipboard on the front of a card and added additional color and texture with cardstock pieces.

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Applying Transfer Gel on chipboard can be done in a variety of ways. Using my finger to apply it gave a very nice texture to the surface when the foil was applied. You can see the entire transfer process and card making in the video tutorial below.

Video Tutorial:

close-up of texture

The close-up image shows the texture detail from the foil on the chipboard. This version is the one with less foil applied as seen in the video tutorial. The brushstroke-like effect is very nice in person, while the overall color shimmers with movement.

Some items used in this tutorial were provided by the manufacturer in order to promote their products.

Make Your Own Foiled Embellishments

Did you know you can make your own foiled embellishment dots?

with ScraPerfect

You might already know that the Best Glue Ever makes great dots of glue. Did you know you can use them to make them into foiled embellishments? It takes only one step and you have a variety of different colored foiled dots at the ready.

You can make a variety of different size dots. I made mine on recycled packaging but any non-stick surface will work. Let them dry overnight or until they appear clear.

Those same dots from above are now dry and can be used with foil. You can foil them ahead of time or as you use them.

the Best Glue Ever               ScraPerfect’s No-Clog Writing Cap™

transfer foils

ScraPerfect has great sets of transfer foils but any foil will work. If you keep your used scraps of foil this is a great way to use up those leftovers.

Video Tutorial:

A close-up of the dots shows the 3D quality of the foiled dots. Now you can make your own and coordinate the colors you need for crafting.