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Cratejoy makes gift giving easy with so many subscription boxes to choose from. Make sure to use the discount code included.

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Are you starting to think about your holiday shopping – may be making a list? This year you can fill all your gift needs at one-stop – Cratejoy.

There are so many different subscription boxes to choose from.

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Personally, I would be interested in any of the crafting boxes. There are so many to choose from with a variety of different price points. The one pictured above is from Adults & Crafts. They have trendy craft projects for adults with all of the tools, materials, and instructions included!

Any college student away from home is going to love getting a care package. Why not send one from Snack-Hero?

And for the hard-to-shop-for person in your life, check out the best seller section. There are some very inventive boxes listed here, no wonder that they are best sellers.

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Gift Card Box with Makers Movement

Making a gift box for use with a gift card with the Makers Movement. #sponsored @jointhemakersmovement

I am making a gift card box with a die from the Makers Movement. It is part of the Donut Box set. The donut box die has a coordinating stamp set making them so useful. No longer will you need to buy packaging for a gift card. You can make your own gift box and stylize it for the occasion.

The Donut Box die and stamps work together so well and can be used in a variety of different ways. Aren’t those donut stamps cute? They have coordinating dies to cut them out!

I planned on using the Special Delivery stamp as a surprise under the gift card inside the box but I totally forgot about it until after I was finished with the gift card box! – Oh well, next time.

CrossOver II from the Makers Movement was used with the Donut Box dies to cut the card stock. Be sure to check out the tip in the video tutorial below, I am not sure the die is meant to be used this way, but it worked for me. (notice the washi tape)

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Video Tutorial:

I wonder how you would use this die and stamp set? If for a gift card as I did, what card you would include? Let me know in the comments below.

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How to Make Origami Boxes for Ornaments and Gifts

Making origami boxes that work for ornaments and gift wrapping. Learn how to make your own.

I enjoy Origami and when I saw this box form, I thought, “this would make a great ornament.” As I was making them, I then realized they could also double as wrapping for a gift because they can be opened up. What an excellent idea to hang little gifts on the tree or make a lot of them for an Advent!


  • scissors
  • decorative paper
  • ruler

This post is a part of the Creative Craft Bloggers Group monthly craft challenge. For the month of December, we were challenged to make ornaments. At the bottom of this post, you can see all the entries and links to their tutorials. 


six sheets
You will need six squares of paper. I used 6″x6″.

1st fold
Using one piece, fold it in half and then open it back up.

2nd fold
Fold each side into the centerfold.

both folds
Both folded.

flip it over
Turn the paper over.

Diagram 1, fold C to F

Diagram 1, fold B to E

Diagram 2, fold D to E.

Diagram 2, fold A to F.

Make six.
See the following video for an example of the folding and then how the pieces fit together.

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