DIY a Gift Bag

Learn how to diy a gift bag from wrapping paper.

gift bag

Have you ever made your own gift bag? It really isn’t difficult. I made this one from wrapping paper. It was actually so easy that I am not sure I will buy gift bags again. I can make them in whatever size I need. The cost savings is another advantage.

The materials needed are very limited. You will need a pair of scissors, double-sided tape, and of course wrapping paper. Depending upon how you embellish it, you will want those materials as well. I used a paper punch and twine. On another version, I folded over the top and used a sticker – so easy.

Follow the easy video tutorial above to make your own gift bag. You can make them as you need or prepare a bunch ahead of time for when you need them. A fun idea would be to choose a certain paper pattern per person for a holiday like Christmas. No name tags would be needed, just let them know their pattern on the special day.

Making a Gift Bag with ScraPerfect

As a part of the design team at ScraPerfect, I post twice a month on their blog. Today I have a video tutorial to teach how to make gift bags. They are easy to make using the Best Glue Ever.

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