Freebie Friday – Misty Pink Tags

misty pink tags

I am smitten with these Misty Pink Tags. Maybe because Valentine’s Day is around the corner and they have a nod to that kind of a theme, or maybe just because they are pink. I can’t decide which one is my favorite but I am leaning towards the very first one with the blending of pink, orange, and yellow.

Grab your free printable PDF here: [Misty Pink Tags]

My favorite printer brand for many years has been HP. I also use their ink supply service where I pay a monthly fee and they send me ink cartridges as needed. It comes out to be a lot less money this way. The HP Envy Inspire is a great-priced machine that will produce beautiful prints.

And if you are looking for a great crafting weight paper for printables, I have been using HP Project Paper. It is heavier than copier paper but not quite as heavy as cardstock. It is a great medium weight for layering, folding, and more!

Freebie Friday – Peachy Tags

peach tags

Freebie Friday is a set of peach-themed tags. Download, print, then cut out and use for all your crafting. Consider using them for scrapbooking, glue books, junk journals, card making, mixed media, gift-giving, and more…

pantone color

Why peach? Because Peach Fuzz is Pantone’s color of the year. What are your thoughts on the color of the year? It’s soft and brighter than last year. I wonder if this says anything about our current culture.

Grab the free printable here [Peach tags]

Freebie Friday – 2024 Calendar

calendar image

Let’s get ready for 2024 with this free printable set of monthly calendars. The PDF file contains all 12 months. You can print them all at once and bind them together or one month at a time as needed.

This set of printables would also make for a nice gift, just add your own touch to join them together.

Printable PDF file: [2024 Calendar]

Freebie Friday – Halloween Stamps


Following the month-long theme of Halloween, today’s Freebie Friday is a set of images I am calling stamps. They are basically little images that can be used in many different ways. Print and cut them out for card making, scrapbooking, junk journals, glue books, and mixed media projects.

Grab the free PDF file here: [Halloween stamps]

Freebie Friday – Backgrounds 2


Paper crafters you loved last week’s background textures, so I know you are going to love this set as well. You might recognize the text in the top image if you read a bit! Great for holiday crafting. Use these printable backgrounds for all your paper crafting: glue books, scrapbooks, junk journals, card making, mixed media, and more.

Grab the free PDF file here [Backgrounds 2]

I’d love for you to share in the comments how you plan on using them – even if you are printing and filing away for future crafting!

Freebie Friday – Labels and Lists

What a usable PDF for Freebie Friday, a set of Labels and Lists. #printable #free

labels and lists

Today’s Friday Freebie is a very usable set of Lists and Labels. Grab the free PDF printable and get organized. Consider printing them out and making a functional set as a gift for friends and family.

Free PDF printable: [Lists and Labels]

Freebie Friday – Pink Passion Tags and Cards

Elevate Your crafting with this FREE Printable Tags and Cards! #freebie

tags and cards

These passion pink tags and cards are easy to print and use for your own creative use. Add a personal touch with these tags and cards to your scrapbooking, glue books, junk journal, card making, gifts, and more. Download the free PDF file below.

Passion Pink [Tags and Cards]