Freebie Friday – Halloween Stamps


Following the month-long theme of Halloween, today’s Freebie Friday is a set of images I am calling stamps. They are basically little images that can be used in many different ways. Print and cut them out for card making, scrapbooking, junk journals, glue books, and mixed media projects.

Grab the free PDF file here: [Halloween stamps]

Freebie Friday – Backgrounds 2


Paper crafters you loved last week’s background textures, so I know you are going to love this set as well. You might recognize the text in the top image if you read a bit! Great for holiday crafting. Use these printable backgrounds for all your paper crafting: glue books, scrapbooks, junk journals, card making, mixed media, and more.

Grab the free PDF file here [Backgrounds 2]

I’d love for you to share in the comments how you plan on using them – even if you are printing and filing away for future crafting!

Freebie Friday – Labels and Lists

What a usable PDF for Freebie Friday, a set of Labels and Lists. #printable #free

labels and lists

Today’s Friday Freebie is a very usable set of Lists and Labels. Grab the free PDF printable and get organized. Consider printing them out and making a functional set as a gift for friends and family.

Free PDF printable: [Lists and Labels]

Freebie Friday – Pink Passion Tags and Cards

Elevate Your crafting with this FREE Printable Tags and Cards! #freebie

tags and cards

These passion pink tags and cards are easy to print and use for your own creative use. Add a personal touch with these tags and cards to your scrapbooking, glue books, junk journal, card making, gifts, and more. Download the free PDF file below.

Passion Pink [Tags and Cards]

Freebie Friday – Bows 2

Freebie Friday is a second set of printable bows for all paper crafting needs. #printable #freebie

bows 2

This week’s freebie is the second of two posts, a selection of pretty bows. Such useful images for scrapbooking, glue books, junk journals, mixed media, card making, and more.

One-page PDF printable [Bows 2]

Freebie Friday – Vintage Cards

Freebie Friday printable cards for crafting. #printable

vintage cards

Today’s freebie is a set of vintage-like playing cards. I think they also have a folk art look to them. Download the free PDF file and print them out. You can change their size in most printer settings for your own personal needs. These cards would be great for craft uses like scrapbooking, glue books, junk journals, card making, mixed media, and more.

Download the free PDF file here [Playing cards]

Freebie Friday – Floral Inchies

Free printable Floral Inchies. #printable #freebie_Friday

This week’s freebie is a set of floral inchies. After printing, use a 1″ paper punch to cut each image. These are great for collage, mixed media, jewelry making, and more.

Free PDF printable: [Floral Inchies]

Freebie Friday – Watercolor Cards

Grab this weeks free printable – beautiful watercolor cards. #freebie #printable

watercolor cards

A set of lovely Watercolor cards in soft yellows and purples are the freebies this Friday. Most of the cards contain an abstract butterfly within their design. Remember freebies always remain free so you can search for past freebie offerings and download them at any time.

I would love to see how you use the Freebie printables so please come back and share a photo with me here in the comments or on any social media.

PDF Watercolor Printable [Watercolor cards]