Chick-fil-a Cow Appreciation Day

Print and cut out to make your own wearable cow mask.

Break out the cowbells and get your spots on because we are just two weeks away from Cow Appreciation Day! How many of you are planning on dressing up like cows to show your love of Chick-fil-A? Cow Appreciation Day is Tuesday, July 12th from opening until 7:00 PM. This year, in order to make the award more consistent for all and provide the highest guest experience, anyone wearing anything cowlike will receive a free entrée! Guests in cow attire may select any breakfast, lunch or dinner entrée. Kids dressed like a cow may select a Kid’s Meal.

Need a little help with your costume? Print out this cow mask, cut around the outer edge and eye holes, add a string or elastic band and you have an easy DIY costume!

Free PDF file

You can print out a cow pattern and use it to iron-on to a t-shirt [cow pattern] You might also like: