Making Jewelry with Felt

Make jewelry with felt beads made from Kunin Felt.

with Kunin Felt

It is time to start your holiday crafting and these pieces of felt jewelry would be perfect for gift giving. Each piece is made with a felt bead. This post will show you the different ways to make felt beads. The pieces above use a spiral bead technique.

I would like to thank Designer Crafts Connection for the opportunity to work with amazing companies and designers. And specifically for this post, I would like to thank Kunin Felt for providing materials used with this project.

Kunin Felt’s manufactured in the US from recycled plastic bottles reclaimed from landfills. It takes 10 bottles to make a pound of fiber. Kunin Felt‘s sold at Michaels under the Creatology Brand, at JoAnn, Walmart, Hobby Lobby,, and Amazon.


  • ruler
  • marker
  • felt
  • beads
  • jewelry findings and tools
  • sewing clips
  • scissors
  • Fabri-Tac

The image above shows a few different ways to roll into beads. The top bead looks similar to a rose and rolls up with small pieces of felt inserted. This bead is a good way to use up scraps. The other two are spirals using three and two different colors of felt.

Here is another way to use up scraps. This bead uses small pieces of felt stacked together and threaded onto a wire.

Video Tutorial:

hanging earrings

Look how nice these look. The staggered pieces add to the shape and interest of the earrings. I have worn these earrings and they are very comfortable and lightweight. Because the felt is so light, I suggest adding beads that have a bit of weight to them. (Oh my gosh, the second ear wire is missing some elements, I am going to have to change that out! I didn’t notice it until writing this post. And as I said, I have worn them out!)

How to Make an Alternative Halloween Pumpkin with Cricut

Make an alternative bucket pumpkin with Cricut.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

I was intrigued when I first saw the bucket camping lights people were making. We don’t camp so I thought they might be a great alternative to a carved pumpkin as a DIY Halloween Craft. So I pursued how to make the bucket lights and changed it a bit for an alternative Halloween Pumpkin with the assistance of my Cricut Maker. I used the Cricut to cut out the bats from vinyl and felt. The Cricut Maker has exchangeable blades that were used. The Rotary Blade‚ĄĘ, with its gliding, rolling action, cuts through virtually any fabric and I used it for the felt. I used the Fine Point blade to cut the permanent vinyl. Both of these blades come with the Maker, there are additional blades available.


I want to personally thank Cricut for providing materials for this post.
I am a design team member at Cricut.

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cutting vinyl for alternative pumpkin with Cricut
Begin by using the bat template from Cricut for cutting vinyl. Using an entire sheet of 12 x 12 black vinyl, cut out this design.

bats - alternative pumpkin with Cricut
Bats after being weeded.

cover bucket - alternative pumpkin with Cricut
Using the bats like a sticker, apply them to the bucket in a random design.

cut felt - alternative pumpkin with Cricut
Cut out the felt.
Using the same design as the vinyl. Edit the file to only have the medium sized bats.
Then cut the felt with the Rotary Blade.

glueing felt - alternative pumpkin with Cricut
Glue two felt bats together.
Follow the next step before gluing together.

using wire - alternative pumpkin with Cricut
Place a rolled wire between the two felt bats.
Allow them to dry overnight.

join wires after glue dries - alternative pumpkin with Cricut
Bundle the wires together.

ribbon rolls - alternative pumpkin with Cricut
Decorative ribbon from Dollar Tree.

making bow - alternative pumpkin with Cricut
Using both entire rolls of ribbon, make a bow.
Wrap the wire from the felt bats around the bow.

bow to lid - alternative pumpkin with Cricut

This is where it gets a little tricky.
I tried hot glue and super glue to attach the bow to the lid.
Neither worked.
I then drilled a little hole in the center of the lid, wrapped another wire around the bow,
and fed it through the lid to hold the bow in place.

finished bat bucket - alternative pumpkin with Cricut
Here is the Alternative Halloween Pumpkin or “Bat Bucket” done.

bucket with light - alternative pumpkin with Cricut
Here is the bucket with the light inside turned on.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.