What Was Popular in 2021

A year in review, check out what was popular in 2022 at Try it – Like it – Create it.

At the end of each year, I take a look back on what was popular with Try it – Like it – Create it. Typically I look to see which craft tutorials that were created in that year, are the most popular. This year I am taking a slightly different look. 

I am looking at the most popular posts viewed in 2021. I am looking at all the posts no matter what year they were created. Here is what I found. 

The most viewed posts were informational posts. The evolution of the Cricut Machine has been and continues to be my most popular post. Next up is my post about the Dremel and the downloadable chart for all the accessories. The chart is created by Dremel but I guess it is hard to find online making this popular. Another popular post was about the heat settings for the Cricut EasyPress with a downloadable chart. It is nice to see that information as well as free downloads were important.

Thankfully craft tutorials do find their place on the list and the most popular one in 2021 was using alcohol ink on a mug. Then a sewing post about reversible baby shoes followed up by a free crochet pattern for a spiral trivet. While some of these tutorials are from past years, it is nice to see they are evergreen content. 

New in 2021 was the addition of the shop at Try it – Like it – Create it. The shop has printables, SVG files, fonts, and stickers. Some things are free while others have a fee. The checkout and the cart appear on the list making the decision to add a shop to the site a good one.

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Thank you for all your visits, comments, and questions. I plan to bring more of the same to 2022 while continuing to grow and if there is ever something you want to learn how to do, please reach out and ask for a tutorial.