Etching a Fall Votive

How to etch a votive with dip n’ etch for a nice upcycle project.

with etchall


Today I am making a votive for fall using Etchall Dip. The glass is a recycled Oui yogurt container. Instead of applying a cream to the glass you actually submerge the glass into the etching liquid. The etching results are the same, just the process is different.

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cricut maker

To begin, you’ll want to clean your glass with rubbing alcohol. Using hand sanitizer with a high alcohol content will also work well. I cut a small acorn shape on my Cricut Maker.

vinyl applied

Then I applied the vinyl to the glass like you would stickers in a random pattern. The acorn SVG is free and can be found in the store at the following link [acorn SVG]


Use a plastic container for the dip n’ etch liquid. Measure how much liquid is needed by testing with water first. Details for this technique can be found in the video tutorial below. You will also want something to weigh down the project so the glass doesn’t float.

dip n etch

The time to etch is the same as the etchall cream, 15 minutes. The liquid is reusable so make sure to put it back into the etchall container when finished.

Video Tutorial:

with light

I chose to finish off the votive with a wrap of raffia tied in a knot. The votive can be used in a variety of different ways. The image above uses an electric tea light. It also makes for a cute pencil cup. What a nice way to upcycle!

DIY a Decorative Pumpkin

Make your own decorative pumpkin for the season.

final pumpkin

It’s the season, whether it is Halloween or Fall, this DIY Decorative Pumpkin works. I started with a plan to add flowers and a bow at the top, but after finishing the pumpkin, it was grand enough on its own. Nothing more is needed.


I found the pumpkin and napkins at Hobby Lobby. To apply the napkin, I made a mixture of white glue and water that got applied with a foam brush. Before applying the napkin, separate the layers and tear it into pieces.

Video Tutorial:

Paper Pumpkin :: Tutorial

This fall make a three-dimensional pumpkin from paper for fun and decor.

Create one or a few of this easy paper pumpkin this fall. You can cut out the necessary pieces on your personal paper cutter or by hand. They aren’t that detailed. 


Materials needed:

  • Orange cardstock
  • Green cardstock
  • Mini Glue Dots
  • Bone folder
  • Marker with cap
  • Personal cutting machine and free SVG file or template and scissors

This is the cutting template. You can print out the image, draw your own, or download this free SVG file. [SVG file]

opposite strips
Begin by lifting and gluing opposite strips together.

lifting strips
I chose to work in a random order of pairs, you can do this or work your way around the pumpkin in order.

This step is optional, I decided to add a bit of dimension to the leaf by drawing in veins with a bone folder and then bending the leaf to be more realistic.

attach leaf
Attach the leaf to the top of the pumpkin using a Glue Dot.

pen technique
Here is a trick for rolling the paper vine. I used a marker and put the end of the paper strip under the cap, then rolled the paper around the pen.

rolling paper
Once you are happy with the vine, remove it from the pen. I chose to roll it tighter once removed and just did it by hand.

I folded the vine and attached it under the leaf with a final Glue Dot. 

Pumpkin Shake-up DIY

Make these fun pumpkin shake-ups from recycled bottles.

I have created these cute Pumpkin Shake-ups. They are really easy to make and really fun to play with. A great craft to make with the kids, my daughter couldn’t wait to make her own. 

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Wash out the Aqua Ball then add 2-3 tbs water, 3-5 drops of dish soap, 2-3 drops of yellow food color, 1 drop red food color, 1/4 tsp of silver glitter. Replace the top of the bottle and give it a good shake. If there isn’t enough soap foam to fill the bottle, add a bit more dish soap. 

Decorate the front of the bottle with black vinyl faces. You can use this svg file to cut on a personal cutting machine or just use scissors. [pumpkin faces]

I opted to spray paint the tops of the bottles. Mine started out as pink. You can paint them, spray paint them, cover them in decorative tape or just leave them be. If little hands are going to play with the Pumpkin Shake-ups, you may find that you need to super glue the lids in place.

Enjoy them as a fun toy or fall decor.