Etch a Treat Jar

You can add an etched design to a little jar to make it a special treat jar for gifting. #etchallcreme #designtam #affiliate

with etchall creme

This cute little jar makes for a great treat gift. What a fun way to say thanks with a little jar filled with a special treat. I etched a design around the jar using etchall creme and to make it more special I colored it with silver rub-on wax to match the hardware.

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To etch the jar I used etchall etching creme and a stick-on stencil from the Dollar Tree. The stencil wrapped perfectly around the width of the glass jar.

clean with alcohol

To prepare the glass surface for etching, I always clean it first with alcohol. This removes dirt and sticker residue.


I applied the stencil around the glass jar and then covered it above and below the stencil with plastic washi tape as an extra precaution against any etching creme going beyond the stencil.

using the etching creme

etchall etching creme takes 15 minutes to work its magic. I set a timer for 7 minutes, and then move the creme around in case I missed any spots. For this project, I turned the jar upside down at this point and then set the timer for an additional 7 minutes.

Once the time has passed, I removed the creme and put it back into the jar. etchall etching creme is reusable. Then I “washed” the etching with a baby wipe, peeled off the stencil and tape, cleaned the glass again with alcohol, and finally buff the etching with a cloth.

finished no wax

Here is the jar with the etching and it could be finished at this point.

wax rubon

I chose to enhance the design with a rub on metallic wax in silver. Using a cotton swab to apply the creme and then I buffed the excess off with a cloth.

final with treat

Here is a perfect little single serving treat in a specially etch jar ready for gifting.

Fall-themed Glass Dish

Take a Dollar Tree bowl and elevated it to something elegant with Etchall etching creme.

with Etchall

glass bowl

I had an idea to etch these detailed leaves onto a glass bowl from Dollar Tree using Etchall etching creme. After cutting the vinyl and attempting to weed away the leaf, I decided that plan wasn’t going to work, the centers of the leaves were too small and hard to keep in place. So I chose to etch the reverse of my idea. The result is stunning, actually even better than my original idea.

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cricut maker

I used a Cricut Maker to cut the leaf design. The leaves were set to a small size – about 1.25″ long. I also cut a rectangle that would work with my original idea. I ended up using it for the seam around the bowl. You can grab the free leaf SVG from my store. [leaf SVG]

vinyl on bowl

I placed the leaves around the top of the bowl. They are placed tip to tip and tail to tail. I measured and drew lines on the inside of the bowl to guide where to place the straight line of vinyl on the outside. The rest of the bowl was covered with packing tape as a precaution.

etchall and bowl

See the video tutorial below for details on using Etchall on the bowl. This was also an exercise in testing how detailed the etching creme could handle. It really worked well.

Video Tutorial:


Here is a close-up image of the finished piece backed in black so you can see the detail of the leaves and the etching. The result took a Dollar Tree bowl and really elevated it to something elegant, better than I expected!

How to Celebrate with Etching

This is such a fun way to celebrate. It could be a birthday, wedding, anniversary, new job, graduation, so many different opportunities to etch a fun statement onto a bottle. For this post, I used Sparkling Cider but a bottle of wine or even a glass bottle of soda would work. The glass etching can take a drink to the next level making it a special statement I am sure one that will be appreciated.

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Using Cricut design space on my phone I typed out the word I wanted to use, then I sent it to the Cricut Joy to cut out. It was so quick and easy. I could have added names and a date too.

I weeded the vinyl, removing the parts I want to etch, and used the transfer tape to place the vinyl on the bottle. Notice there are air bubbles and wrinkles, but they don’t matter as long at the seam along the letters is pressed tight to the glass.

Using a wooden popsicle stick I placed a generous amount of etching cream over the letters. I left it on the bottle for 15 minutes, following the Etchall directions. Then I removed it from the bottle using the same popsicle stick and put it back into the jar because Etchall cream is reusable. Because it was a small area, I was able to use a baby wipe to clean off the bottle and I removed the vinyl.

Here is the etched glass. I wanted to enhance the etching so I applied some rub-on metallic color in silver.

I used a q-tip to rub on the silver cream and then used a baby wipe to remove the excess. I really like the enhanced look.