Ice Box Cake Recipe

Our families special occasion cake recipe.

This Ice Box Cake recipe is one I grew up eating on special occasions. It still brings joy at family gatherings. The recipe consists of simple ingredients and is very easy to make. Two parts to the recipe make or break it. The first, you need time for it to sit. The second, you need a specific kind of chocolate cookies (and they can be difficult to find).


2 pints of whipping cream
powdered sugar
nabisco chocolate wafers


Using 1 pint of cream, whip until peaks are formed. To this add powdered sugar to taste (I like mine sweet – usually /2 to 1 cup). Fold the sugar into the whipped cream. Use a cookie to scoop up some whipped cream and then sandwich it together with another cooking and stand them on end together. Continue to do this until you run out of cookies or whip cream. Do not use the broken cookies (save them for decoration). Now, refrigerate the “cake” overnight is best. The cookies need to soften from being married with the whipped cream.

the photo above is a double batch

The next day, make another batch of whipped cream, again adding powdered sugar to taste. Ice the outside of the cake with the whip cream. You probably will not use up all this whip cream. You can keep it to add to your coffee for a special treat.  

Decorate the top of the cake with cookie crumbs. I take two broken pieces and rub them together over the top of the cake and make a dusting. We have also used chocolate sprinkles and or cherries, letting the juice run down the sides of the cake. 

This cake tastes good no matter how you serve it but to really impress, slice the cake at an angle making a striped slice – so easy but very impressive.