Is it the Last?

In celebration of the 20th year of the Distress line that started with a brown, the new color is Scorched Timber. Announced as the last of the Distressed colors, but is it? Reports say this announcement has happened before and then new colors emerge. So I guess only time will tell.

If you are looking to round out your collection or just want to mark off what colors you have, this handy up to date chart is what you need.

Distressed Color Chart PDF [link to download]

Need an extra colored label? Download this colored PDF file and print it out on label paper to add colored labels to your products.

Distressed Color Labels [link to download]

Christmas Printable Hop

I am participating in a printable blog hop today with the theme of Christmas. So, I created these beautiful Christmas-themed tags for you to download and print. You could use them on your gifts, or for Christmas crafting in glue books, junk journals, scrapbooks, or paper crafting. If you cut off the top tag bit, you have a very nice Christmas-themed card for crafting.

Grab the free PDF printable here: [Christmas Tags]

Do you want more Christmas-themed printables? Check out all the offerings for the hop listed below – happy crafting and Merry Christmas.

Creatively Beth – Free Printable Holiday Cards to Color

Try it – Like it – Create it – Christmas tags

Artsy-Fartsy Mama – Christmas Activity Page

Lemon Thistle – Printable Christmas Countdown

The Crafty Blog Stalker – Gift Exchange Dice Game

Hand Lettered Printables – Christmas border paper printable

Our Crafty Mom – Set of 4 Printable Christmas Lists

Friday Freebie – Vintage Postcards

Friday Freebie – Vintage Postcards – altered with no text. #freebie #printable #ephemera

This week the Friday Freebie features vintage postcards. This beautiful collection has the text removed so you can use them as images or add your own text digitally or by stamping. They work great for junk journals, glue books, collages, mixed media, scrapbooking, or as a postcard.

Grab the free PDF download from the store here: [Vintage Postcards]

Floral Backgrounds

Download this free floral printable for your crafting. #printable #free


This is a free downloadable file that contains four floral backgrounds. Great for card backgrounds but also mixed media, scrapbooking, and general crafting. These patterns are great for spring and summer crafting.

Grab the free file at the following link. [floral print]

Pink Printable Clip Art

Free printable pink digital clip art elements of birds, butterflies, and flowers. #free #printable

pink elements

Grab this free printable with digital elements of birds, butterflies, and flowers. Use the link below to download the free file.

Use for Scrapbooking, Cardmaking, Handmade Stationery, Invitations, Place Cards, Tags, Wrapping Paper, Books and Journals Hardcovers, Jewelry, Cards, Decoupage, Decorated Furniture, Packaging, Crafts for Weddings, Birthdays, Parties and DIY Projects.

Christmas Candy Bar Wrappers

Wrap candy bars for Christmas with these free printables.

Christmas candy bar wrappers make for a simple gift. They are nice to have on hand should you need to gift someone unexpected. The wrapped candy bars also can be added to your stocking gifts or your Christmas tablescape.


  • free printable
  • printer
  • copy paper
  • scissors
  • tape runner (or any adhesive)
  • candy bar

Free Printables


Choose your file to download or download both. Then print and cut. I used regular printer paper for my wrappers.

Video Instruction

Which Cricut Mat Do I Use?

Grab this free printable so you will always know which Cricut mat to use.

Are you new to Cricut? Are you confused by which mat you should use with the material you are working with? Maybe you are just afraid to ask because you don’t want to feel silly. Don’t worry, we all were there at one point or another.

Figuring out which mat to use isn’t that difficult especially if you use the free printable I have created to help you out.

A few mat tips:

They all come with a protective cover sheet that you should keep and use to cover the mat when not in use. I actually write FRONT on the front on the plastic so it always gets put back on the mat the same way each time.

Why? to save the mat from being introduced to additional lint, dirt, and such.

When I remove the plastic sheet to use the mat, I turn the plastic sheet over so I don’t contaminate the side that touches the mat.

If you cut through your mat or crack your mat, use duct tape on the back and continue to use the mat.

Have a need for a 12″ x 24″ mat but don’t have one? You can tape two mats together on the back with duct tape and continue on with your project.

The mats:

Let’s talk about mats. There are four different variations and each one has a special job to do. You will notice that each one is a different color which helps to define its use.

Greenbasic standard grip
Bluelight grip
Purplestrong grip

Free printable:

PDF printable

The image above is the printable you can download for free and keep with your mats so you will always know which mat to use.

How to re-stick your mat:

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Hallmark Countdown to Christmas

Grab your free Countdown to Christmas holiday movie guide from Hallmark.

I know many of you love Hallmark Christmas movies and they now have their Countdown to Christmas Movie line-up available. Is it too soon? Don’t worry, the movies start on Oct. 24th with Jingle Bell Bride and run every day through Dec. 20th. You can download the printable at the link below but, did you know they also have an app? Yep, there is a QR code on the printable for you to access the Hallmark Movie Checklist app with your smart phone.

Free Travel Printable

Fun travel images to download and craft.


Summertime usually means vacation traveling. These images would be fun to use in your scrapbooking, journaling, planner, and more…Grab the free download PDF file by clicking on the button below.

This is a free PDF file, use the button above to access.