Start Mandala Painting

How to start dot painting.

trio of mandalas

Dot Mandala painting is trendy. It isn’t a difficult craft but it does require practice. You can build on your technique and difficulty of imagery. To start you will want some basic craft paint, a few tools for dot-making (which can be found around your house), a pallet, and paper.

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dot painting

Tools you can use to make dots can be made. Here is a tutorial for making your own ball tool [DIY Ball Tool]. Other items you might want to collect and try:

  • push pin
  • end of paintbrush
  • dry pen
  • pencil eraser
  • needle
  • dowel
  • knitting needle
  • crochet hook
pallet and tools

Next, you will want to get your paint to the right consistency. Adding a bit of water if needed to make a liquid or runny paint. I am using craft paint from Arteza.

If you don’t want to mix water into your paint you may want to buy paint made for pour painting since it will be a good consistency for dot painting. Arteza has a variety of pour paint sets. There are even color sets that coordinate. And if you are truly just getting started and have no materials, you might be interested in the Arteza Dot Tool Kit. It includes everything you will need except paint.

After practicing your dots and you are now ready to paint a mandala, many people start with a stencil. There are many stencils you can use to create mandalas. If you have a personal cutting machine you can use this SVG file and cut one, to begin with. [madala stencil]

Video Tutorial: