DIY Watercolor Butterfly Ephemera


Using stickers from the Dollar Tree you can watercolor them in a variety of different colors and designs. DIY ephemera is unique and can save you money. Using the sticker from the Dollar Tree was easy but you could alternately die-cut your shapes as well.

Video Tutorial:


The close-up image gives you a better look at some of the details on the wings. This was a very relaxing and enjoyable project. I love the results just as much as the process of painting them.

Easy DIY Glitter Pen

See how you can easily make a glitter pen with products from @Ceya @beacon @dollartree

final pen

This glitter pen is so easy to make and the results look so professional. There are only a few steps from start to completion. The glitter is enclosed on the inside of the pen so it doesn’t interact with your hand in any way when writing.

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The materials needed for this project are:

pen parts

To begin, you want to disassemble the pen. We are going to add glitter to the tube part of the pen.

glue in pen

Adding Glitter-it glue to the tube part of the pen and roll it around or shake it with the opening covered to make sure the entire interior of the pen tube is covered. Glitter-it is very liquid and works so well for this project, I am not sure there is another glue that could be substituted to work as well.

Then pour any excess Glitter-it back into the container.


Add glitter to the pen tube. I started by using a paper funnel but the liquid glue soaked the paper so I used a small spoon and scooped it into the tube over the glitter container which ended up being less messy.

Cover the end of the pen tube with your finger and shake the glitter around the pen tube. If needed, you can put the ink chamber of the pen back in place and use it to help move the glitter around the inside.

Then all you need to do is put the pen pieces back together to finish the pen. There is no need to wait for it to dry before assembling the pen.

close up of glitter pen

Look how beautiful that glitter is inside the pen tube in the close-up image above!

I think it would also be neat to add a word in vinyl to the outside of the pen tube. Tell me in the comments below what word you would use on your own pen.

Desktop Organizer

Making a desktop organizer with items from the Dollar Tree. #dollartreecraft #organize


I am using three pencil holders from the Dollar Tree to make this desktop organizer. I’ve placed everything I use on a regular basis into the holder and it is working really well for me.


For this project, I used three stacked pencil holders, double stick tape, foam tape, contact paper, super glue gel, and scissors. Most of these items were found at the Dollar Tree making it a very affordable and usable project.

Video Tutorial:

holder with pencils

I originally was making this to hold a variety of different colored pencils. As you can see, they extend out really far and just don’t look good, nor are they really secure in the holder. So I removed the pencils and just use it for all the small items I use on a regular basis. I also taped a small clothespin (also from the Dollar Tree) to the side and hang my scraper tool from it.

Making a Fabric Ornament

Using Dollar Tree fabric strips to make no-sew fabric ornaments.


I saw a tutorial on YouTube for these fabric ornaments and thought they were very nice but that I would probably never make them. Then I saw strips of Christmas fabric at the Dollar Tree and remembered the ornaments and that the strips would work for the ornaments, but I had to make some alterations to the directions.

fabric strips

The fabric strips come in a package of three coordinating patterns. They are 2″ x 36″ strips of cotton, one strip of each design.

ironing fabric

For the small ornaments you are going to cut each strip into 4 pieces and then iron them in half as shown in the image above, and then in half again. To make these strips work you will need to follow the details about the folding in the video below.

all ironed

There are a few different ways to fold, iron, and make the ornaments with the fabric strips from the Dollar Tree. Make sure to view the details and explanations in the video tutorial.

Video Tutorial:

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If you are interested in my craft iron it is from Oliso and my iron mat is from Cricut

Alcohol Ink Stickers

Trying alcohol ink on silver metallic looking stickers from the Dollar Tree.

finished stickers

Alcohol inks are very fun to create with. They interact with each other in interesting ways creating different results each time. They work on most non-porous surfaces so when I saw these metallic-looking stickers at the Dollar Tree, I knew I wanted to try alcohol ink on them.


Metallic stickers come in silver, gold, and bronze colors. I chose the silver thinking it would work best with the inks.

in process coloring

First I tried dropping the ink onto the sticker, the next one I tried applying the ink with a cotton swab, and on the last sticker, I switched to acrylic paint markers. Each process gave a different result. The video tutorial below will take you through each process.

Video Tutorial:

I think the first and last version gave the best results. While the stickers appeared metallic in the package and once removed appeared more like plastic either surface should work. The alcohol ink didn’t work as well as I expected. The acrylic paint markers gave great coverage but lost the metallic quality of the original sticker. In summation, the plastic mailing envelope I used as a protective work surface actually had the best results from the alcohol ink being applied to it. So now I have another project to work on!

DIY a Travel Valet Tray

Make your own travel valet tray that can be used for so much more.

finished travel valet

Have you ever seen a travel valet? They are basically a basket or tray if you will that you use to collect all your pocket items when traveling. This is a quick and easy-to-make version using a placemat from the Dollar Tree and a Snap Kit from Gwen Studios.

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snap kit

The Gwen Studios Snap Kit is available at Walmart. On top of it is a cut-down piece of a woven plastic placemat from the Dollar Tree.

parts needed

From the kit, you’ll need the tool with the appropriate parts installed for the snaps you are using and the snaps. An instruction sheet is included in the kit to guide you on the use of the different snaps. You can see 8 stars and 4 of each male and female parts in the above photo.

snaps in place

A close-up image with the snaps in place before using the tool to set them. Watch the video tutorial for detailed instructions on how to make the travel valet.


Place the tool on the snaps and squeeze tight to secure them in place. It really is easy to use.

Video Tutorial:

The finished travel valet is flat on the left and snapped together on the right. It is really handy for so much more than travel. The valet can withstand getting wet, making it work well in the bathroom or kitchen because it is plastic.

DIY Easter Bunny Decor

This Easter Bunny Decor is a Dollar Tree craft project.

final bunny

This project turned out better than I envisioned. The Easter Bunny Decor is made from a foam shape, napkins, and ribbons that I purchased at the Dollar Tree. It was a fun decoupage process. My youngest daughter loves bunnies and claimed this as her own.



  • foam shape
  • napkins
  • modpodge
  • foam brush
  • ribbons
  • fabri-tac

All these materials can be found at the Dollar Tree except for the Fabri-tac glue.

Video Tutorial:

back view of bunny

Above is the back view of the bunny. Pink flowers on the napkin are so bright and perfect for spring. The green leaves were added over the first layer of napkins. This added activity and visual direction to the final piece. In total, it took two napkins to cover the bunny because I needed to grab a few more green leaves.

DIY a Monogram Notebook Gift

Make a quick and easy monogrammed notebook gift.

Thoughtful gifts don’t need to cost a lot. I think anyone would love to receive a monogrammed notebook and they are so quick and easy to make. I bought the notebook at the Dollar Tree, they come in different colors but I loved the pink one. I cut a quick monogram out of vinyl on my Cricut and it is done.

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  • Cricut Maker
  • Black Vinyl
  • Notebook
  • Transfer tape
  • t-pin
  • cut file
  • scissor
cricut maker

I cut the monogram on a Cricut Maker but any Cricut machine would work. The frame is from Cricut: Decorative Leaf Frame(#M1BB7B4). If you want to use my file here is a link to the project. [monogram] This project is also great for using up leftover scraps of vinyl.


After your monogram is cut and weeded, apply your transfer tape and peel off the backing paper. Apply the monogram to your notebook and you are done.

Video Tutorial:

Making Origami Paper Magnets

Making DIY magnets with Yasutomo and the Dollar Tree. @Yasutomoart @DollarTree #sponsored

With Yasutomo Products

I love finding economical craft products and the Dollar Tree is one of those go-to stores for great finds. The moment I saw wooden magnets at the Dollar Tree, I knew they were going to be great for crafting. The shape of the magnets lent itself to be paired well with Origami paper. I applied Yasutomo Origami paper to the tops and coated them with a glossy spray to make these DIY magnets. Making a set of magnets was easy and would make a great handcrafted gift or housewarming present. You can make them fit your personal style and decor by changing the design of the Origami Paper.

Many of the items I use in my posts are provided by the manufacturers in order to promote their products.
A special thanks to those brands who sponsor this site.


  • Origami paper – Yasutomo
  • wooden magnets – Dollar Tree
  • knife blade
  • paintbrush
  • Nori paste – Yasutomo
  • Gloss coat – Krylon

The process is rather easy and quick. The drying time is the only factor in the length of the project. I worked on these magnets over a few days due to the drying time of the final Krylon gloss coating. The actual crafting was quick and enjoyable.

Video Tutorial:

I am pleased with how the magnets turned out, they exceeded my expectations. I will be using them on our kitchen refrigerator. I have another package of magnets so I know I will be making more. Maybe for the office or my craft room. Let me know how you would use your own DIY Origami Magnets in the comments below.

Suggested Materials:

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Krylon Clear Glaze
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Nori Paste
Nori Paste
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Yasutomo Fold'ems Origami Paper
Yasutomo Fold’ems Origami Paper
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Cricut True Control Knife Blade
Cricut True Control Knife Blade
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AZ | C

Making Mini Bows for Embellishments

Embellishment costs for crafting can really add up. I enjoy making my own whenever possible, I’ve used quite a few materials from the Dollar Tree, and I have done so in this post as well. You see mini bows in all kinds of crafting,  I have found making my own enjoyable and relaxing as well as saves me money. Plus, I can make the bows the size and color I need for my projects.

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Video Tutorial:

finished bows