Quick and Easy Earrings

Using charms from the craft store make for quick and affordable earrings.


Making earrings from charms is so easy. These beautiful butterfly wings came in a set of four pairs from Hobby Lobby. I was able to make four pairs of earrings for less than $10, making these a very affordable gift. Charms and buttons make for quick and easy earrings.


Using two jewelry pliers, charms, and matching ear wires I was able to make four pairs of earrings in no time at all.

Video Tutorial:

These were such a huge hit in my house, I have to go and buy a few more sets of charms so we don’t fight over the colors!

Marbled Earrings

Combine resin and cardstock for quick and easy earrings.


Combine cardstock and resin to make a pair of fabulous earrings. I have created a free printable inchie sheet of marbled circular designs for crafting. The first project I made using them was this pair of earrings. You-V resin, a quick-drying resin, made this project quick and easy.

marbled inches

Download the free PDF file from the store: [marbled inches]

papers and punch

I punched out circles using a 1″ paper punch using the printable and solid cardstock. Gluing the blue and the marbled circles together helped add thickness and a bit of weight to the earrings. Resin covers both sides of the glued circles.

earrings in process

Drilling small holes into the resined papers was done to add the ear wires. See the entire video below for the complete tutorial and tips.

Video Tutorial:

finished earrings

The finished earrings in hand also show the shine from the resin and the finished size. This marble pattern suits a variety of different colors found in your wardrobe.

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You can find You-V resin products at: https://www.youv.art/?ref=tryit Use code “TRYIT” for a discount.

How to Weave a Paper Vase

Weave a paper vase with this free SVG file.

with CutCardStock

finished vase with flowers

This month Pop-Tone is the featured cardstock over at CutCardStock. I’ve created a decorative piece that is 3-dimensional. The above is shown in two coordinating colors but it works equally well in one color. Such a cute finished piece that is great for gift-giving, decorating a small space, or sharing as a group craft project with others.

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cardstock colors used

I used two colors from the Pop-Tone sample pack, Gumdrop Green, and Sour Apple. These are 65# card stock. Each Pop-Tone sample pack comes with one sheet of all the colors in the 65 lb cover weight and has one sheet of each of the Pop-Tone 100 lb cover weight. This is a nice way to sample all the colors. Of course, you can purchase the colors separately.

cricut maker

I cut the design on a Cricut Maker. Before cutting, I scaled the design to fit onto a letter-size sheet, then I set my file to cut 1 of each of the two colors. The cutting pressure was set to 100# cardstock with no additional pressure.

cut pieces

To begin weaving, flip one of the colors so the angled “rays” are in the opposite direction from the other piece, and then stack them on top of each other.


I used binder clips to hold the weaving in place to make sure the results were correct before gluing it all together.

finished in hand

Please visit the store to download the free SVG file [Woven Vase]

Video Tutorial:

View the tutorial for detailed construction information.

A Few Other Ideas:

vase with light
One-color vase with an electric tea light inside.
stacked vases
Make two vases, and turn one upside down with a battery tea light inside. Then stack them for a unique look.

DIY a Travel Valet Tray

Make your own travel valet tray that can be used for so much more.

finished travel valet

Have you ever seen a travel valet? They are basically a basket or tray if you will that you use to collect all your pocket items when traveling. This is a quick and easy-to-make version using a placemat from the Dollar Tree and a Snap Kit from Gwen Studios.

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snap kit

The Gwen Studios Snap Kit is available at Walmart. On top of it is a cut-down piece of a woven plastic placemat from the Dollar Tree.

parts needed

From the kit, you’ll need the tool with the appropriate parts installed for the snaps you are using and the snaps. An instruction sheet is included in the kit to guide you on the use of the different snaps. You can see 8 stars and 4 of each male and female parts in the above photo.

snaps in place

A close-up image with the snaps in place before using the tool to set them. Watch the video tutorial for detailed instructions on how to make the travel valet.


Place the tool on the snaps and squeeze tight to secure them in place. It really is easy to use.

Video Tutorial:

The finished travel valet is flat on the left and snapped together on the right. It is really handy for so much more than travel. The valet can withstand getting wet, making it work well in the bathroom or kitchen because it is plastic.

How to Make a Leather Flower

How to make a leather magnolia flower with leather from Silver Creek Leather Co.

with Silver Creek Leather Co.

leather magnolia

At a recent trade show, I took a class to learn how to make a leather flower. The class was sponsored by Silver Creek Leather Co. and taught by Annie Libertini. The magnolia flower above was the class project. I had to leave the class early for another event so I brought everything home and finished the flower.

Silver Creek Leather Co. sells leather under the brand name Real Leather. You can find it in your local craft stores and online at Amazon.

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The image above shows the parts I brought home from the class. We marked the leather in class and started to form the shapes. You can use a variety of different items to shape leather. In class, we used a ping-pong ball for the smallest petals, although mine flattened out during travel home. The leather shapes were already cut and provided for us. Leather can easily be cut by hand with a sturdy scissor or with a die-cut machine.


  • spray bottle with water
  • marking tool
  • cut leather pieces
  • paint
  • paintbrush
  • hot glue and glue gun
  • mica spray (optional)
ready to paint

A close-up of the petals shows the drawn lines on the leather before painting. It was suggested to use two light coats of paint front and back of each piece. We were given paint specifically for leatherwork however any acrylic paint will work.

ready to glue

I sprayed the white petals with DIY Mica Spray for a light covering of shine, it is really subtle and not necessary but I wanted to add it to mine. After drying, the pieces are ready to be glued together. I have seen other leather flowers that were sewn together with a few stitches, so it is your choice how to join the pieces together.

Video Tutorial:

close-up of flower
close-up of leather flower

I am so please with what I learned and the outcome of this project. I feel like I have just started to experiment with leather as a medium and I am looking forward to more leather creations.

leather flowers

These flowers made by Annie Libertini were shown in class as additional examples. I believe there will be leather flower kits available soon created by Annie Libertini for Silver Creek Leather so keep on the lookout for them.

Make Your Own Foiled Embellishments

Did you know you can make your own foiled embellishment dots?

with ScraPerfect

You might already know that the Best Glue Ever makes great dots of glue. Did you know you can use them to make them into foiled embellishments? It takes only one step and you have a variety of different colored foiled dots at the ready.

You can make a variety of different size dots. I made mine on recycled packaging but any non-stick surface will work. Let them dry overnight or until they appear clear.

Those same dots from above are now dry and can be used with foil. You can foil them ahead of time or as you use them.

the Best Glue Ever               ScraPerfect’s No-Clog Writing Cap™

transfer foils

ScraPerfect has great sets of transfer foils but any foil will work. If you keep your used scraps of foil this is a great way to use up those leftovers.

Video Tutorial:

A close-up of the dots shows the 3D quality of the foiled dots. Now you can make your own and coordinate the colors you need for crafting.

Christmas Tree Decor – free SVG

Cut a Christmas Tree for your festive holiday decor with a free SVG file.

with CutCardStock

Christmas Tree Decor

What a fun Christmas decor piece to make. You can choose to add a light that creates wonderful shadows or just leave it as it is. I chose to add a gold star to the top but the file comes complete with a star in the same color as the tree. There is also a separate star included if you want to add a different color as I did. Wouldn’t it be fun to make a few of these in different sizes for a mantle?

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I used this beautiful Bonsai cardstock that has a slight texture and cut it on a Cricut Maker at a setting of 100#. The cardstock is 80# cover weight but cuts really well at a slightly larger setting. The gold stars were cut from Stardream Metallic Gold. Be sure to cut two, one for each side of the tree. The gold cardstock is smooth, metallic, and heavier than the green so be sure to change your cutting settings.

The SVG file comes with cut and score lines. You will need to set the lines to score before cutting. The file isn’t that detailed but the folding does take a bit of patience and care. The video below will walk you through the folding process.

Video Tutorial:

with light

Here you can see a close-up of the tree with a color-changing electric tea light inside. Although it is not very dark, you can begin to see the cool shadows that are cast from the tree. (please do not use a real candle, the paper will catch fire. – do I really need to say this?)

Please visit the store to download the free SVG file [Tree SVG]

Suggested Materials:

Links are Affiliates
AZ – Amazon, SSS – Simon Says Stamps, C – Cricut, O – Other
Cricut Maker® Machine
Cricut Maker® Machine
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AZ | O | C
Cut Cardstock
Cut Cardstock
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Scraperfect 32 Clog Writing Cap, Medium
Scraperfect 32 Clog Writing Cap, Medium
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Scraperfect Best Glue Ever
Scraperfect Best Glue Ever
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Making Jewelry with Felt

Make jewelry with felt beads made from Kunin Felt.

with Kunin Felt

It is time to start your holiday crafting and these pieces of felt jewelry would be perfect for gift giving. Each piece is made with a felt bead. This post will show you the different ways to make felt beads. The pieces above use a spiral bead technique.

I would like to thank Designer Crafts Connection for the opportunity to work with amazing companies and designers. And specifically for this post, I would like to thank Kunin Felt for providing materials used with this project.

Kunin Felt’s manufactured in the US from recycled plastic bottles reclaimed from landfills. It takes 10 bottles to make a pound of fiber. Kunin Felt‘s sold at Michaels under the Creatology Brand, at JoAnn, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Fabric.com, and Amazon.


  • ruler
  • marker
  • felt
  • beads
  • jewelry findings and tools
  • sewing clips
  • scissors
  • Fabri-Tac

The image above shows a few different ways to roll into beads. The top bead looks similar to a rose and rolls up with small pieces of felt inserted. This bead is a good way to use up scraps. The other two are spirals using three and two different colors of felt.

Here is another way to use up scraps. This bead uses small pieces of felt stacked together and threaded onto a wire.

Video Tutorial:

hanging earrings

Look how nice these look. The staggered pieces add to the shape and interest of the earrings. I have worn these earrings and they are very comfortable and lightweight. Because the felt is so light, I suggest adding beads that have a bit of weight to them. (Oh my gosh, the second ear wire is missing some elements, I am going to have to change that out! I didn’t notice it until writing this post. And as I said, I have worn them out!)

How to Make Ribbon Earrings

You are going to love making these earrings from ribbon with Gwen Studios.

With Ribbon from Gwen Studios

ribbon earrings

Today I am back working with Gwen Studios ribbon as an application to be on their design team. We were asked to make jewelry or home decor and since I had already made a decor piece with ribbon, I chose to make earrings. These ribbon earrings use coordinating ribbons layered together. The fun thing about them is that you can make them at whatever length you want.

I would first like to thank Designer Crafts Connection for the opportunity to work with amazing companies and designers. Specifically for this post, I would like to thank Gwen Studios for providing me with an amazing box of materials to work with.

ribbon earring materials


Many of the items I use in my posts are provided by the manufacturers in order to promote their products.
A special thanks to those brands who sponsor this site.

  • ribbons – Gwen Studios
  • jewelry making pliers
  • jewelry findings – ear wires and ribbon ends
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • lighter
  • adhesive – optional

Gwen Studios products can be found at your local Walmart store.


measure ribbon

To make the earrings, you want to measure and cut your ribbons into different lengths. Starting with the widest ribbon as the longest. Keep in mind most of the ribbons will be folded in half.

Video Tutorial:

I am a total fan of pink so they were the first pair of earrings I made. Gwen Studios has so many beautiful ribbons I couldn’t stop making only one pair.

Quiet Moment Roll-On Recipe

Make the Simply Earth’s Quiet Moment Roll-On. #affiliate @simplyearth

with Simply Earth

The Quiet Momen Roll-On is a recipe included in Simply Earth’s August subscription box. All the oils you need are included in the box. I am so excited to share with you the Simply Earth August Box. This might be my favorite box. Its theme is stress relief and bath. What a great set of recipes.

The recipes included in the August box are:

  • Fuzzy Purple Bath Scoop
  • Toliet Cleaning Bomb
  • Lava Rock Shower Diffuser
  • Purple Striped Bath Salts
  • Quiet Moment Roll-On
  • Self Care Diffuser Blend

To make the Quiet Moment Roll-On I am using three oils, the labels, and the recipe card all included in the box. The roll-on bottle and the Coconut carrier oil were included in my free big box with my first order.

This post contains affiliate links

One of the biggest differences I find with Simply Earth is the monthly recipe box. In the past, I have ordered essential oils and when they arrive, I don’t remember what they do or why I ordered them. The Simply Earth recipe box contains the recipes for the oils included in the box as well as necessary additional support products to make the recipes.

The Simply Earth website includes additional support with video tutorials and training materials. You can claim a Free Dilution Chart, take an Essential Oil Hero Course (additional fee), Browse the Toxin-Free Magazine, and get the Free E-book: Essential Oils for Beginners.

The Simply Earth August box is your stress/bath-themed essential oil kit. The items inside when purchased separately would add up to $169.93 but you will get it all for $39 – what great savings! The August box includes:


  • Sage Essential Oil
  • Peace & Quite Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Peppermint Essential Oil Blend


  • Citric Acid
  • Purple Brazilian Clay
  • Lava Rock Shower Diffuser

And here is the best part: my coupon code: TRYITFREE
Use this code to get a $40 gift card with your first purchase. Basically, get your second box free!

Recipe Tutorial: