Quick Resin Earrings

Learn how to make quick resin earrings.

finished earrings

These resin earrings almost glow. They were so quick to make. To do so you need the right products and those would be from You-v. They have resin that is non-toxic and cures in less than a minute. I was recently introduced to You-v. and I can tell it is going to change how and when I use resin.

These earrings glow in the light making them hard to photograph and get them in focus. You will have to take my word for it. They are stunning in person.

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You-v. products


  • resin mold
  • jewelry resin
  • UV flashlight
  • transfer film
  • penknife
  • cardstock
  • black permanent marker
  • jewelry findings
  • adhesive

Video Tutorial:

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