How to Make Button Earrings

How to make fun button earrings.

button earrings

Making your own button earrings is a fun way to make earrings for a special outfit or event. I made these for my daughters for a recent trip to Disney. They are easy to make and cost-effective. Button earrings also make a great gift.


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  • Wire nippers
  • adhesive
  • buttons (mine were found at Walmart)
  • earring findings
  • sanding block or nail file

The materials needed are rather simple and you can use a variety of options. For cutting the backs off the buttons I used wire nippers but utility scissors can also work well. If you have a Dremel, that would do the trick. For the adhesive, I used Super Glue Gel. E6000 or a jewelry-making adhesive will also work. To sand the backs a nail file, sanding block, sandpaper, or a Dremel can file down any rough edges. The video tutorial below will show you the simple process.

Video Tutorial:

Being worn at the most happiest place on earth!