Making a No-Sew Clutch

Make a no-sew formal clutch with products from Gwen Studios.

with Gwen Studios

finished clutch

This clutch handbag is perfect for a wedding or any formal occasion. It can be made with no sewing at all. The beautiful satin and ribbon are from Gwen Studios. As a new member of their design team, I will be posting projects every month using their wonderful products that are available at Walmart.

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I received a box full of different materials from Gwen Studios. The ribbon and satin shown above are what I chose to work with to make this handbag tutorial.


fabric, foam, placemat

Step 1
The structure of the handbag is made with a plastic placemat, white craft foam, and Gwen Studios satin fabric. The placemat provides support and is covered on both sides. Satin fabric on the outside of the handbag and the craft foam on the inside.

ribbons and fabri-tac

Step 2
The decorative band on the front of the handbag was made by stacking three different ribbons from Gwen Studios with Fabri-Tac. This was done while the handbag structure was drying.

side of clutch

Step 3
The sides of the clutch are made by using white craft foam. Two pieces were cut to the height of the clutch and then glued with Fabri-Tac to the front and back of the inside. Once the glue is dry, just push the foam into the middle of the clutch.

velcro circles

Step 4
Velcro is used for the closure of the handbag. The velcro circles came with adhesive but I added additional support with a bit of Fabri-Tac.

Video Tutorial:

clutch and lipstick case

Using the same technique, I made a lipstick case to go inside the clutch. The differences are craft foam for the structure, double stick tape for the adhesive, and a snap closure instead of velcro.

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