Freebie Friday – Floral Paper Bags

floral paper bags

This week’s Freebie is a pair of printable floral paper bags. Consider using a decorative scissor to cut along the top edge for additional design. The printable bags can also be used as pockets for your paper crafting. Don’t forget you can always change the size of the printable in your printer dialog box.

Grab the free printable PDF file here: [Floral Bags]

My favorite printer brand for many years has been HP. I also use their ink supply service where I pay a monthly fee and they send me ink cartridges as needed. It comes out to be a lot less money this way. The HP Envy Inspire is a great-priced machine that will produce beautiful prints.

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And if you are looking for a great crafting weight paper for printables, I have been using HP Project Paper. It is heavier than copier paper but not quite as heavy as cardstock. It is a great medium weight for layering, folding, and more!