Desktop Organizer

Making a desktop organizer with items from the Dollar Tree. #dollartreecraft #organize


I am using three pencil holders from the Dollar Tree to make this desktop organizer. I’ve placed everything I use on a regular basis into the holder and it is working really well for me.


For this project, I used three stacked pencil holders, double stick tape, foam tape, contact paper, super glue gel, and scissors. Most of these items were found at the Dollar Tree making it a very affordable and usable project.

Video Tutorial:

holder with pencils

I originally was making this to hold a variety of different colored pencils. As you can see, they extend out really far and just don’t look good, nor are they really secure in the holder. So I removed the pencils and just use it for all the small items I use on a regular basis. I also taped a small clothespin (also from the Dollar Tree) to the side and hang my scraper tool from it.