Tips for Beginner Cricut Users

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Download and explore design space: Take some time to explore the software and learn how to create and customize your designs. Learn the functions of the different aspects of the software. You can even do this before you buy the machine.

Familiarize yourself with the machine: Take the time to work through the beginning tutorial project.

Start with simple projects: Begin with small and straightforward projects to get a feel for how the machine works. Paper and card stock projects are the least expensive to create and a great place to start.


Use quality materials: Using high-quality materials will ensure better results and prolong the life of your machine. Invest in good-quality vinyl, card stock, and other materials compatible with your Cricut machine. There are more than just Cricut brands but Cricut materials are a good place to start.

Practice, practice, practice: Like any new skill, using a Cricut machine requires practice. Experiment with different materials, designs, and techniques to improve your skills and discover what works best for you and what you enjoy most.

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Join online communities: Many online communities and forums are dedicated to Cricut users. Joining these communities can provide you with valuable tips, inspiration, and troubleshooting advice from experienced users.

Please take advantage of tutorials and resources: Cricut offers a wide range of tutorials, guides, and resources on their website. Take advantage of these resources to learn new techniques, troubleshoot issues, and expand your knowledge. YouTube is another great place to research and learn techniques and step-by-step tutorials.

Remember, practice and patience are key when starting with a Cricut machine. A Cricut is an expensive investment in both money and time. Take your time, enjoy the process of creating, and don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things.

DIY Your Own Cricut Cutaway Card

Learn how to make a DIY version of Cricut’s Cutaway Cards.

final card

I was excited to see the Cutaway Card materials from Cricut. But, I have a few packs of insert cards. So I decided to do a DIY version of the cutaway card using the materials I had on hand. I actually used materials from two different card packs.

card pack

This is the insert card pack I started with and used a pink insert from a different pack. Recently I found the insert card pack at Hobby Lobby on clearance but you could use any cardstock materials.

cricut joy

I’ve missed using my Cricut Joy. It’s been a while. I used the Cricut Joy and its card mat to cut out the design. Using one of the new phrase designs from Cricut Design Space, I edited the image to change the words. See the video below to see how I edited the free file.

Edit Phrase Video:

card is cut

To make this work, I used transfer tape to hold the pieces in place. Originally I tried to transfer everything directly from the mat but that didn’t work. So, I removed the card with the transfer tape in place and then moved the pieces I wanted to keep with the card over. You can see the entire process in the video below.

Video Tutorial:

Suggested Materials:

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Cricut’s Offset Tool

Learn how to use the new Offset tool in Cricut Design Space.

Have you seen the new Offset Tool in Cricut Design Space? It is in beta. Check to see if it has been updated in your Design Space program and then follow along to see how you can use this tool in the video tutorial below.

How to Slice in Design Space

Two ways to slice in Design Space, I think my way is easier. @CricutMade #DesignSpace

The easy way

I know a lot of people have trouble when it comes to slicing. In my opinion, there is an easier way to slice in Design Space. Using a simple rectangle and some type, I will show you how to do both slice versions in the video below and you can decide which is easier for you.

results are the same

Create with Cricut’s New Infusible Ink Blanks

Follow along as I use the new infusible ink blanks from Cricut.

Cricut has a variety of new infusible ink blanks. Cricut sent me a few samples in order to write this review and promote their new products. The new materials include cosmetic bags, pillow covers, wine bags, and toddler-sized t-shirts. I made my daughter this bag to hold her drawing supplies from the cosmetic bag set. 

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To begin, I created the graphic I used in Design Space. The following video tutorial shows you how that was done.

Cutting the infusible ink on the Cricut Maker.
On the mat, I aligned the cut to the center utilizing the blue and red section of the design.

Then I weeded away the parts I didn’t want.

Placing the infusible ink, if you look closely you will see a slight fold in the bag and the infusible ink.
This is a trick I use to align the center of the image and blank.

Using my heating guide, I set my EasyPress and pressed.

Using a warm peel, my project is done!

How to Make 3D Snowflakes with Cricut

Learn how to turn a mirrored image into a 3D ornament just like this snowflake with Cricut.

The thing I like most about snowflakes besides no two being alike is that they are great for winter decor. They work for Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, or a general winter theme. 

Using any mirrored image, you can turn it into a 3D shape. Snowflakes work for this idea. In this post I will show how I took a simple snowflake cut in Design Space and by adding a score line then making multiple cuts, it can be turned into a 3D hanging decor. 

Make one large snowflake to hang in a doorway or from a light fixture, or you can make multiples to hang all together to cover a larger area or make smaller versions for Christmas tree ornaments.

Read to the end of the post where you can enter to win a Cricut Maker Machine. 


  • glitter cardstock – 2 sheets
  • snowflake
  • Personal Cutting Machine – I used a Cricut Explore Air 2
  • glue
  • twine, string, or fishing line to hang the Snowflake

I wanted to thank Cricut for providing my cutting machine in order to create posts using their products.


This is an Explore Air 2 – Easy one-Cut Holiday project. One shape that is cut multiple times to make the ornament. In the video below you will see how you set up one snowflake to cut and then you can tell your machine to cut multiples of that one image. The software knows where to place it on the mat to use the optimal amount of surface space without wasting any materials. 

The following video will show you how I set up the snowflake file in Design Space.

Embed YouTube Video

Cutting the snowflake shapes on my Cricut Explore Air 2.

cut snowflakes
The cut snowflakes, starting to fold them in half. This task needs to be done gently.

A folded snowflake.

glue and string
Attach the folded snowflakes with glue and insert a string for hanging.
I intended to piece together six snowflakes, when I got to five, there was no more room for another one.

The finished snowflake.

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