Cricut’s Offset Tool

Learn how to use the new Offset tool in Cricut Design Space.

Have you seen the new Offset Tool in Cricut Design Space? It is in beta. Check to see if it has been updated in your Design Space program and then follow along to see how you can use this tool in the video tutorial below.

How to Slice in Design Space

Two ways to slice in Design Space, I think my way is easier. @CricutMade #DesignSpace

The easy way

I know a lot of people have trouble when it comes to slicing. In my opinion, there is an easier way to slice in Design Space. Using a simple rectangle and some type, I will show you how to do both slice versions in the video below and you can decide which is easier for you.

results are the same

Create with Cricut’s New Infusible Ink Blanks

Follow along as I use the new infusible ink blanks from Cricut.

Cricut has a variety of new infusible ink blanks. Cricut sent me a few samples in order to write this review and promote their new products. The new materials include cosmetic bags, pillow covers, wine bags, and toddler-sized t-shirts. I made my daughter this bag to hold her drawing supplies from the cosmetic bag set. 

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To begin, I created the graphic I used in Design Space. The following video tutorial shows you how that was done.

Cutting the infusible ink on the Cricut Maker.
On the mat, I aligned the cut to the center utilizing the blue and red section of the design.

Then I weeded away the parts I didn’t want.

Placing the infusible ink, if you look closely you will see a slight fold in the bag and the infusible ink.
This is a trick I use to align the center of the image and blank.

Using my heating guide, I set my EasyPress and pressed.

Using a warm peel, my project is done!