Ribbon Ornament or Decor

with Gwen Studios

final ornament

Gwen Studio’s ribbons make for such a colorful ornament. While this is my version, there are a lot of options you can choose when making your ribbon ornament. Consider a limited color palette, different lengths of ribbons, and different thicknesses of ribbons.

Not only does this make an ornament, but you can use it all year round as a home decor piece. I think it would look nice hanging in a doorway or as a part of a larger shelf or table display.

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This project was created for Gwen Studios. You can find all the design team projects listed on the Designer Crafts Connection website. Gwen Studios products can be found at Walmart and Michaels.



  • Styrofoam ball
  • pins
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • tacky glue
  • cord if hanging
in process

The image above shows my ribbon ornament in process. I love the variety of colors.

Video Tutorial:


The close-up image shows how close the ribbons are placed.

If you are interested in a different version, here is another ornament I made for an ornament swap using materials from Dollar Tree. [tutorial]

purple ornament

This shows the variety of using different lengths of ribbons as well as different kinds of ribbons. It is interesting to see the visual differences when making a few different design decisions.

Free Halloween SVGs

Grab a few free SVG files for you Halloween decorating.

Blog Hop

broom sign

Oh, it’s time to drive that broom, the season is upon us and you’ll need a place to park it. Grab this free SVG file and let everyone know to not get in your way! This free SVG is a part of a monthly free SVG blog hop. The theme this month is Halloween.

Grab the free SVG file from the store here: [Broom Parking SVG]

what tools

Not sure what Cricut tools you need or should use? Check out this post – What tools to Buy.

Need to know about the different vinyl products available? You can learn all about it at About Cricut Vinyl.

Cricut mats

Are you confused about the different colors of mats? This article will clear it all up for you. 
Which Mat Do I Use?

Check out all the fun and free Halloween SVG files linked below. I am sure you will find a great image to suit your need for this holiday season!

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And just for fun, I wanted to share my favorite witch dance video!

How to Weave a Paper Vase

Weave a paper vase with this free SVG file.

with CutCardStock

finished vase with flowers

This month Pop-Tone is the featured cardstock over at CutCardStock. I’ve created a decorative piece that is 3-dimensional. The above is shown in two coordinating colors but it works equally well in one color. Such a cute finished piece that is great for gift-giving, decorating a small space, or sharing as a group craft project with others.

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cardstock colors used

I used two colors from the Pop-Tone sample pack, Gumdrop Green, and Sour Apple. These are 65# card stock. Each Pop-Tone sample pack comes with one sheet of all the colors in the 65 lb cover weight and has one sheet of each of the Pop-Tone 100 lb cover weight. This is a nice way to sample all the colors. Of course, you can purchase the colors separately.

cricut maker

I cut the design on a Cricut Maker. Before cutting, I scaled the design to fit onto a letter-size sheet, then I set my file to cut 1 of each of the two colors. The cutting pressure was set to 100# cardstock with no additional pressure.

cut pieces

To begin weaving, flip one of the colors so the angled “rays” are in the opposite direction from the other piece, and then stack them on top of each other.


I used binder clips to hold the weaving in place to make sure the results were correct before gluing it all together.

finished in hand

Please visit the store to download the free SVG file [Woven Vase]

Video Tutorial:

View the tutorial for detailed construction information.

A Few Other Ideas:

vase with light
One-color vase with an electric tea light inside.
stacked vases
Make two vases, and turn one upside down with a battery tea light inside. Then stack them for a unique look.

Floral 3D Decor

Make a 3D floral decor with this free SVG file and CutCardStock.

with CutCardStock

final decor piece

This month Pop-Tone is the featured cardstock at CutCardStock. I’ve created a decorative piece that is 3-dimensional but the layers can also be used individually. This would make a beautiful alternative to a bow on a gift. I have a cord attached to mine to hang in a doorway. I like it as is but a tassel might be a nice addition.

The links provided are for your use and may contain affiliate links.
They cost nothing for you to use.
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cardstock colors

I used three colors from the Pop-Tone sample pack, Gumdrop Green, Blue Raspberry, and Grape Jelly. These are 100# card stock, a nice thickness for 3D creations. Each Pop-Tone sample pack comes with one sheet of all the colors in the 65 lb cover weight and has one sheet of each of the Pop-Tone 100 lb cover weight. This is a nice way to sample all the colors. Of course, you can purchase the colors separately.

cricut maker

Cutting the file on a Cricut Maker, I set it to 100# cardstock with a pressure setting of more.

cut pieces

I set my file to cut 1 of the centerpieces and then 2 of the other pieces so that the piece would be dimensional.

adding gems

I added these glittered gems to the center on each side and it really finished off the piece. It is amazing how such a small thing can add so much to a design.

Video Tutorial:

Please visit the store to download the free SVG file [Floral Decor]

How to Etch Glass

It is easy to etch glass with the right tools. Learn how in this tutorial.

with Etchall

finished salt and pepper

Etching glass is a very simple process given the right tools. I enjoy working with Etchall Etching Creme. One reason is that Etchall is reusable so a small jar lasts a long time. Making these Salt and Pepper shakers was simple and fast but the result is fantastic. I wanted to make these for myself but they would make a great housewarming gift or hostess gift too.

etchall bottle

The links provided are for your use and may contain affiliate links.
They cost nothing for you to use.
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with alcohol spray

Before you begin any glass etching project, you need to make sure the glass surface is clean and clear. It is best to use rubbing alcohol to clean your surface.

cricut maker

Cutting the vinyl, I used a Cricut Maker. In Design Space I used the Cricut font and typed the two letters I needed with space between them. Before cutting them out, I made sure the height and width fit the front of the shakers.

vinyl in place

I centered each letter on the front of the shakers. For this application, I didn’t need to use transfer paper but if your design is more detailed, you will find it helpful. See the video tutorial below for application tips and centering the vinyl.

with etchall creme

I applied a generous amount of etching creme to each shaker. There is no need to worry about using too much since it is reusable. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions for use. Etchall works in 15 minutes of application.

Video Tutorial:

finished shakers

With a bit of ribbon added these are ready to fill or give as a gift.

Wrapped Vase Decor

Making a wrapped vase decor piece with CutCardStock.

with CutCardStock

Vase Decor

This wrapped decor piece was really fun to make. I am using a tall vase from the Dollar Tree and wrapping it with Stardream Metallic Bronze cardstock. My initial plan was just to do the wrap but when I saw the pieces that were weeded out of the cardstock, they looked like petals to me and I just couldn’t let those go to waste. And I am glad I didn’t because the addition of the flowers really adds to the vase.

bronze stardream cardstock

I used this beautiful Stardream Metallic Bronze cardstock. The cardstock is smooth and metallic. The base of the cardstock is black with a mica pearlescent coating on both sides. It really is beautiful and shimmery in person.

This cardstock is thick, it’s 105#. I tend to use washi tape to make sure it doesn’t slip or move while cutting. I used a setting of 100# cardstock. Cutting it twice would definitely help.

flower materials

I couldn’t waste those petal shapes. Making a double-layered flower, I added a center of gold and a green metallic embellishment dot. Plus I have more petal shapes I can use for another project.

Video Tutorial:


Here you can see a close-up of the flower as well as the wrap around the vase. The pattern the wrap projects with a light inside is beautiful. I chose to add an electric tea light into the vase, I am not sure about a real candle with paper on the outside.

Please visit the store to download the free SVG file for the Vase wrapper. [Vase SVG]

Designing a Leaf Letterhead

The Leaf Letterhead SVG file can be used in a variety of different ways.

with CutCardStock

decor piece

This leaf letterhead svg file is very versatile. I’ve created a finished decor piece with it to show you how it could be used. The design was created to be used in a variety of different ways like a letter, menu, invitation, announcement, and any other way you can imagine. You don’t have to put another piece behind the design, or on top of it as shown. It is just one option for this file.

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card stock
card stock

The Royal Sundance Card Stock in Brilliant White is the star of this post and the card stock that was cut. It’s joined with Stardream Metallic Gold and Glama Card Stock in Kraft. The poem was printed using my Cricut Maker and the Kraft card stock but it could also be printed on a printer.

Cricut Maker

Use a personal cutting machine that works with an SVG file. I am using a Cricut Maker for cutting and writing. Because the design is 8.5″ x 11″, and the card stock is the same size, you have to pay attention to the alignment on your mat. The Kraft card stock was written on and cut on the Cricut Maker too. I used a 0.4 black Cricut pen for the writing.

Video Tutorial:

The SVG file for the Leaf Letterhead’s link can be found at: [Leaf Letterhead] – Make sure to read the note about how to center the file.

The link for the poem in Cricut Design Space: [Frost poem]

Ghostly Table Decor

Learn how to make this light-up ghost with easy-to-follow directions.

The leaves are falling and there is a slight chill in the air. Is that chill from the weather or our ghostly friend? This easy-to-make ghost will add a festive look to your decor, on a table or the mantle. Make one or a few. Included the kids – they will love the messy factor of the fabric stiffener!


  • DIY fabric stiffener (* recipe below)
  • White fabric (muslin, cotton, t-shirt, fabric diaper)
  • Googly eyes
  • @Glue Dots
  • Aluminum foil
  • Armature structure for ghost (**suggestions below)
  • Electric light – or electric candle

Ghost Directions:

Cover your work surface with aluminum foil, cover the armature with foil as well.

Place the fabric into the fabric stiffener, using your hands make sure the cloth is completely saturated. (this is the fun messy part)

Drape the saturated fabric over the armature. Take some time to place the fabric and adjust the folds. If you have areas of fabric that are longer than other areas, tuck them under so the bottom edge of the fabric is all at the same level.

Allow the fabric to completely dry.

Once dry, remove the fabric from the armature.

Attach the Googly eyes to the fabric using Glue Dots.

Place the light under the ghost and he is good to go boo all your friends.

*To make the fabric stiffener:
You will need:
corn starch

On the stove, boil 1/4 cup of water.
In a separate bowl, mix 1/4 cup of cold water and a Tbsp of corn starch. (mix well)
Add the cold mixture to the boiling water in the pan.
Stir constantly and allow the mixture to boil.
Remove from heat and allow it to cool.

** Armature:
An armature is a structure similar to a skeleton. It is the framework that will hold up and shape your fabric while it drys.

The Purex crystals bottle was the perfect shape, round at the top with long sides.

To make a similar shape, place a tennis ball on top of a soda can and cover it with foil.

Another option would be to put a small blown-up balloon into a glass and cover it with foil.

Make a Spinning Star Decor

Make a star spinner with CutCardStock. @cutcardstock @OfficialCricut #sponsored

I made a spinning star decor piece with CutCardStock as a member of their design team. I used their silver card stock. The entire design team post and video tutorial can be found at: [CutCardStock Star]


I cut the SVG file on a Cricut Maker.

Many of the items I use in tutorials are provided by the brands in order for me to promote their products.

grab the free SVG file here: [Star Spinner]

Layered Artwork with Denise Boddey

Make a layered artwork using materials from Denise Boddey Designs. #sponsored #designteam @DecoArtAcrylicPaints @ScrapbookAdhesives

Today I am posting as a part of the Denise Boddey Design Team. I am working with cut chipboard and a card topper. Painting and layering the elements make for a beautiful work of art. Framing mine, I used a frame from the dollar store that I did a patina finish on to coordinate the colors.


  • Card topper (In my Garden Patch)
  • Chipboard (Arch Window)
  • detail scissors
  • Americana Chalk Finish (lace)
  • tape runner
  • glue
  • picture frame
  • Metal Effects patina kit
  • foam brush

Follow along with the video tutorial:

I originally thought I was going to make a card, but as the pieces came together I knew it would work better as a framed piece of artwork. I am really pleased with the end results. What do you think is best, as a card or framed art?

Suggested Material Links:

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