Cross Stitch Craft

Check out this cross stitch kit review, it contains a few new features.



The image above is the wreath kit I chose from New Day Craft. Opening the kit and looking through the materials I noticed a few things that were different than what I have seen in other kits making this rather unique.


The Cross Stitch kits contain everything you need except a pair of scissors. The threads are already sorted and labeled to coordinate with the chart printed on the fabric.

printed chart

The printed guide also contains the chart. If you look closely on the right side you see the corresponding numbers to the threads on the palette. The color blocks to the far right are the actual colors of the thread to use. The pattern is printed in coordinating colors. I’ve never seen this change in a pattern before.


The printed fabric appears very similar to the printed chart. The other difference I’ve noticed is that the colored ink on the fabric will wash away when finished. The chart contains instructions for how to do this. Of course, you will need to keep your project dry until you completely finish it.

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New Craft Day carries cross stitch and diamond painting kits. There is even a section where you can request a personalized kit.

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