12 Cricut Ornaments

A dozen links to Cricut Ornaments from Try it – Like it – Create it. @OfficialCricut


Over the years I have made a number of ornaments on my Cricut Maker. A few of these are 3D paper constructions that can be used for ornaments. Here is a round-up of all the ornaments that are included on my site.

Starting on the top row:

Spiral Ornament

3D Paper Christmas Ornament (old website)

Paper Christmas Tree Ornament

Second row:

Santa Box (available Dec. 1)

Polygon Ornament (old website)

3D Star

Third row:

Paper Ornament

Mid-Century Ornaments

Recycle Star Ornament (old website)

Fourth row:

3D Snowflake

3D Square Ornament

And one more I forgot in the collage image, making it a dozen Cricut Ornaments.

3D Scene Ornament (old website)